Where to go in Italy by train: 5 itineraries including a map and useful information (detailed guide)

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Are you tempted by the idea of a train holiday in Italy and looking for inspiration on where to go? We love travelling by train, so we’ve created 5 sample itineraries to plan your train journey in Italy.

Also included is a map, in which you will find the different routes marked + useful information on how to enjoy train travel in Italy.

The itineraries can serve as inspiration for where to go in Italy by train, how long to spend on the journey and what not to miss in the surrounding area.

Fares are indicative only – the earlier you order your tickets, the less you will usually pay. And the differences are often significant – you can go first class in advance for second class prices (on high-speed trains).

In this article you will find more information on how the travelling by train in Italy.

Prices are valid until May 2024.



In the first itinerary we will visit the best of Italian cities. We’ll enjoy ancient monuments in Rome, Renaissance art in Florence, fine cuisine in Bologna and the unmistakable atmosphere of Venice.

Day 1-3: Rome

On the first day we will arrive in Rome – at Fiumicino or Ciampino airport, which are about 40-60 minutes by bus or train from the centre. Here you can find detailed directions on how to get from Fiumicino Airport to Rome.

Colosseum Rome

Rome is a city where you can spend a week and still have plenty to discover. When we visited Rome a few years ago, we only had one day to explore. And we didn’t get to do anything, so we came back later.

Rome is literally steeped in history, art and culture. Visit the Colosseum, drop a coin in the Trevi Fountain, admire the art in the Vatican Museums and get lost in the streets of Trastevere.

We’ve set aside 3 days for Rome in our itinerary – that’s the minimum time you need to explore.

More information about Rome: Here’s a list of the best things to see in Rome. Get the best things to do in Rome. 3-day Rome itinerary. In the articles you will find links to other Rome guides (including maps and useful information).

Hotels in Rome 😴

ubytování řím
Hotel Impero

Cheap and clean accommodation a short walk from the metro

ubytování řím
Hotel Borromeo

3* hotel with roof terrace on the edge of the centre

Day 4: Florence

On the evening of the third day or the next morning we take the train to Florence. Roma Termini Station is located in the city centre and is served by several metro and bus lines. Get off at Santa Maria Novella Station, which is just a few minutes’ walk to Florence’s historic centre.

santa maria del fiore florence / what to see in florence

Florence is the capital of Tuscany and a place that will absolutely enchant you with its Renaissance art, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with its colourful façade and views that will never tire.

florence gardens bardini

The ideal time to visit Florence is 1-2 days. In our itinerary we have allocated 1 full day for it. Walk through the historic centre via the iconic Ponte Vecchio and enjoy views from Piazzale Michelangelo or the Bardini Gardens.

Florence, like Rome, is very touristy – for an authentic feel, wander the streets of the Santo Spirito district.

More information about Florence: Here is the list of the most beautiful places in Florence. Or plan your itinerary for 2 days in Florence (including a map and useful information).

Hotels Florence 😴

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Modern 4* hotel a few minutes from the train station and the centre

Day 5: Bologna

  • Florence (Firenze Santa Maria Novella)Bologna (Bologna Centrale)
    • Journey time: 37 minutes
    • Price: approximately 15-35 EUR

After crowded Rome and Florence, Bologna is a nice change. It has a beautiful historic centre with an arcade, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its uniqueness and length of almost 40 km. Unlike the previous cities, however, the centre of Bologna is relatively quick to get around.

bologna in 2 days / what to see in bologna

The rest of the day you can soak up the atmosphere of the city – lively and authentic, full of locals and delicious food.

More information about Bologna: Here is a list of things not to miss in Bologna. Or plan your itinerary for 2 days in Bologna (including a map and useful information).

bologna italy / things to do in bologna

Day 6-7: Venice

Having sampled the delicious Bolognese cuisine, the next day we move on to the last place on this itinerary – Venice.

You have 2 options where to get off – at Mestre Station on the outskirts of Venice or at Santa Lucia Station, located just outside the old town. The suburbs and the old town are only a few minutes apart by public transport.

Venice may be touristy, but on the other hand there are many reasons why so many tourists come here. Venice is just beautiful.

view from the bell tower of St. Mark's,Venice

The Grand Canal winds its way through the old town, taking you all the way to Piazza San Marco. It is surrounded by a magnificent basilica with a golden interior, the imposing Doge’s Palace and a tower from which you can enjoy the best view of Venice.

Take a boat cruise around the surrounding islands and get lost in the alleyways where you often don’t see a soul.

There are 2 airports close to Venice from which you can fly back – Marco Polo Airport is closer, while Treviso Airport, an hour away, is operated by Ryanair.

More information about Venice: In the article What to see in Venice Here are tips on the most beautiful places in Venice and other useful tips. Or plan your itinerary for 2 days in Venice (including a map and links to other articles about Venice).

Hotels in Venice 😴

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In the second itinerary we will move to the north of Italy. We will enjoy the beautiful architecture and breathtaking views as well as swimming in the crystal clear water.

Day 1-2: Milan

Our itinerary for train travel in Italy will start in Milan. Milan is one of the most fashionable cities in the world, blending Western influence with true Italy.

Milan in 2 days / where to go in Milan / Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Milan offers monuments, modern architecture and interesting museums. You can easily spend several days here, as it is also an ideal base for exploring the surrounding area.

Don’t miss the magnificent Duomo – it’s a real treat to walk on the roof overlooking the city.

Milan is easy to get to, with regular flights several times a day to both Malpensa Airport and Bergamo Airport. You can be in the city centre in an hour by train or bus.

Tip: If you are travelling by high-speed train, it’s a good idea to buy your ticket in advance. A few days in advance are the best prices, and they go up a few euros closer to the departure date. In addition, some dates and times may be sold out.

Milan Cathedral

More information about Milan: Read the previous article on what to see in Milan. To help you plan your trip to Milan, we’ve created an itinerary for 3 days in Milan Including a map. Do you have less time? Check out the itinerary for Milan in 2 days or the itinerary for 1 day in Milan. In the articles you will also find information for transport and tips to enjoy your visit to the city.

Day 3-4: Lago di Como

  • Milan (Milano Centrale) – Lago di Como (Como S. Giovanni)
    • Journey time: 39-60 minutes
    • Price: approximately 5-11 EUR

On the morning of the third day, we’ll head to Milano Centrale Station to board the regional train to Lake Como – get off at Como S. Giovanni Station in the town of Como, located at the western end of the lake.

When we visited Lago di Como a few years ago, we were enchanted. A lake with crystal clear water surrounded by majestic alpine peaks and cute little towns with colourful houses and lots of flowers.

You can spend time in Como town or venture further afield – take the Brunate cable car for spectacular views of the lake, or hop on a boat to Bellagio and other towns around the lake.

Lake Como is worth at least a day trip, but if you have enough time, I recommend spending at least 2 days here. There’s plenty of accommodation, it’s just better to book in advance in high season, but that’s true for much of Italy.

Visit the towns of Bellagio and Varenna, take a boat ride on the lake or just sit with a gelato on the promenade and enjoy the surrounding splendour. There are swimming beaches, hiking trails and beautiful villas with manicured gardens. Even a week would not be enough to visit all the attractions.

☞ For more information about Lago di Como: Read the previous article on what to visit at Lago di Como.

Day 5: Bergamo

  • Lago di Como (Lecco) – Bergamo
    • Journey time: 40 minutes
    • Price: 4 EUR

After a relaxing time at the lake, we move again to the city, where we finish our itinerary. Imagine a medieval town with a beautiful basilica that’s the birthplace of the Stracciatella ice cream flavour – welcome to Bergamo, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy (and there’s a lot of competition).

Bergamo Italy

You can walk through the old town of Bergamo in one day, or you can walk around the city in a few minutes. 2 days if you want to enjoy more the atmosphere of the city or visit some of the art museums.

And how to get to Bergamo from Lake Como? Trains run several times a day from Lecco, at the eastern end of the lake. You can get here in 20 minutes by train from Varenna.

View from La Rocca Fortress / Things to see in Bergamo, Italy

In Lecco, you’ll change to a direct train to Bergamo, which takes 40 minutes (there was a partial closure in May 2024, so the journey was extended to 60 minutes – better check in advance with Trenitalia for your connection).

Bergamo has its own airport, Orio al Serio, from which Ryanair flies.

☞ More information about Bergamo: Read the previous article, What to see in Bergamo.



For the third itinerary we are still staying in the north of Italy, but moving more to the centre. We will enjoy the ancient ruins of Brescia and the magnificent views at Lago di Garda.

Day 1: Bergamo

Bergamo can be reached from Orio al Serio airport, where there are several flights a day from Prague and other cities (mainly in the spring to autumn season, but there are plenty of dates throughout the rest of the year). The airport is located on the outskirts of the city, where you just need to get on bus no. 1, which will take you to the centre.

Fountain in Piazza Vecchio / The most beautiful places in Bergamo

You can get off at the train station or at the historic centre of Città Alta. Wander the alleys of the old town, soak up the atmosphere of the new town and sample ice cream at La Marianna, the local patisserie where the Stracciatella flavour was created.

Learn more about Bergamo: Get inspired by our tips for the most beautiful places, the best things to see in Bergamo.

Day 2: Brescia

  • Bergamo – Brescia
    • Journey time: 57 minutes
    • Price: 5,20 EUR

The next day we will move from Bergamo to another beautiful city in northern Italy – Brescia. This town is not as well known as other towns in Italy, but it is definitely worth seeing. Plus, it’s in a great location for trips around the area (more on that in a moment).

Brescia will amaze anyone interested in history. It is home to several important archaeological sites and historical buildings located in the city centre – visit the remains of the Capitoline Palace or the Roman Theatre, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

brescia where to go in italy by train

Don’t miss the Santa Giulia Archaeological Museum, which includes a huge collection of artworks and artefacts ranging from prehistoric to modern times. The museum is beautiful, as are the rooms in which the collection is housed.

☞ In this article you will find more information on how it works how to travel by train in Italy.

brescia where to go in italy by train

For the best view of the city, climb to the Castello di Brescia – the view is completely free, or you can enjoy it for free. for a small admission fee to visit some of the museums housed here.

After visiting the sights, I recommend trying the local cuisine – try the cotechino (boiled sausage), polenta or the local sparkling wine from the Franciacorta region.

Day 3-4: Lago di Garda

  • Brescia – Peschiera del Garda
    • Journey time: 22 minutes
    • Price: 5,20 EUR

Brescia is perfectly located for excursions in the surrounding area – the next day you can head to Lago di Garda, just 20 minutes away by train.

Disembark in Peschiera del Garda, located right on the shores of the lake. It has a nice historical centre and beautiful beaches. There is so much to do at Lago di Garda that you could easily spend a week here.

  Parco dell'Alto Garda Bresciano Lago di Garda

In our itinerary we have allocated 2 days, which gives enough time for a trip to Sirmione (a quarter of an hour by bus), a boat trip on the lake or hiking around the lake.

You can easily get around the lake by boat or local buses.

More information about Lago di Garda: The most beautiful places to visit near Lago di Garda.

View of the Sirmione promontory from Scaligero Castle / what to see at Lago di Garda
View of the Sirmione promontory from Scaligero Castle

Day 5: Verona

  • Brescia – Verona (Verona Porta Nuova)
    • Journey time: 43 minutes
    • Price: 7,05 EUR
  • Peschiera del Garda – Verona (Verona Porta Nuova)
    • Journey time: 13 minutes
    • Price: 3,90 EUR

Whether your base is Brescia or Peschiera del Garda, take the train to Verona in the morning – this is the same regional train line that stops first in Brescia and then at Lago di Garda in Peschiera del Garda.

Verona is one of the most popular cities in northern Italy. It has everything you expect from an Italian city – rich history, beautiful monuments, a lively atmosphere, delicious cuisine and winding streets where you are constantly getting lost. The centre of Verona is compact and easy to walk around in 1 day.

Sights in Verona / Arena di Verona

From Verona, we return to the airport for our flight back to Bergamo – the train journey takes 1 hour 30 minutes with one change in Brescia.

More information about Verona: see The most beautiful places to visit in Verona (including useful information on entrance fees and opening times). Also included is a guide with additional tips (transport, accommodation, food, Verona Card). Itinerary for 1 day in Verona will help you plan your itinerary.

Ponte Pietra, Verona / day trips around Lago di Garda



When you say Italy, many of us think of Florence, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Rome and the ancient ruins of Pompeii. We include everything in this itinerary. It’s gonna be busy, but it’s worth it.

Day 1: Pisa

Arrive at Pisa Airport and enjoy a day in the city. From the airport, the Pisamover monorail is easy to get to the central station in a few minutes. From here it is about a 25-minute walk to Piazza dei Miracoli, translated as the Square of Miracles, for which tourists from all over the world flock.

Pisa Cathedral / Pisa monuments

You can also take a bus, but I recommend walking – the route goes through the historic centre of Pisa, and you can eat in one of the restaurants or have a gelato to refresh yourself.

Later in the afternoon, the biggest crowds leave Piazza dei Miracoli, so you can enjoy your visit without queues. The whole complex is beautiful and it is definitely not only the Leaning Tower that is worth seeing here. See the imposing cathedral, the monumental cemetery or take a stroll along the walls.

The viewing platform of the Leaning Tower is reached by a narrow staircase, which is not suitable for people with reduced mobility (children under 8 years of age are not allowed). Tickets are booked for a specific time – Every 15 minutes a group of visitors is let in.

More information about Pisa: Here is our detailed guide to Pisa, Italy (top places, transport, food and other useful tips including a map).

Hotels in Pisa 😴

pisa ubytování
Grand Hotel Duomo

4* hotel with roof terrace and fantastic views

pisa ubytování
Hotel Roma

Pleasant hotel in a medium price range

Day 2-3: Florence

  • Pisa (Pisa Centrale) – Florence (Firenze Santa Maria Novella)
    • Journey time: approx. 1 hour
    • Price: approximately 9-16 EUR

When visiting Pisa, you can’t miss a visit to beautiful Florence.

Florence is a Renaissance city with the imposing Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, where you can wander the old streets for hours. And be charmed.

Because Florence will enchant you. The sights, the atmosphere, the art. The city offers breathtaking views, landscaped gardens and an authentic atmosphere in the Santo Spirito district.

florence in 2 days

I have already written more about Florence in 1. itinerary of this article, or. we’ve also written everything we need in a few articles:

More information about Florence: Here is the list of the most beautiful places in Florence. Or plan your itinerary for 2 days in Florence (including a map and useful information). In the Florence guide you’ll learn everything you need to know before visiting the city.

Day 4-6: Rome

On the evening of the third day, we transfer to Rome. The reason is simple – Rome is so popular that it’s a good idea to go sightseeing early in the morning.

Trevi Fountain

In our itinerary we have set aside 3 days for Rome, which is the minimum time to better explore the city. I recommend booking tickets for popular attractions in advance, preferably early in the morning or later in the afternoon, to avoid the biggest crowds – especially the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums with the Sistine Chapel, where tickets for all the sites sell out online weeks in advance.

Learn more about Rome: build your own 3-Day Rome Itinerary. Here are our experiences for visiting Vatican City. For everything you need to know about transport, food and more, see Rome guide.

Vatican Museums
Gallery of maps in the Vatican Museums

Day 7-9: Naples

Naples is one of the most interesting cities in Italy. I deliberately don’t write the most beautiful, because Naples might put you off with how dirty it is. It’s a bustling, lively city, but one that harbours some wonderful sights.

naples where to go in italy by train
A view of Naples with the Vesuvius volcano in the background.

Naples is big and you need at least 2 days to do some basic exploring. We’ve set aside 3 days in this itinerary, with the option of taking a day trip by train to Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast or enjoying the views from the Vesuvius volcano. The area around Naples is diverse, with plenty of things to do.

Pompeii Archaeological Park Naples
Pompeii Archaeological Park

Don’t forget to try the local pizza, as Naples is the birthplace of pizza. The traditional pizza is called napoletana and contains only three basic ingredients – tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. Pizzeria Da Michele or Sorbillo are a safe bet.

naples italy

Naples has its own airport from which you can get back to Prague. The other option is Rome Airport, which is also easily accessible.

More information about Naples: Read our previous article on what to visit in Naples.



For the last itinerary we will move south to Puglia. For the authentic atmosphere, beautiful white-flowered towns, clean sea and the hospitality of the locals. You’ll love Puglia.

Day 1: Bari

Puglia is known for its stunning beaches, olive groves, historic towns and excellent cuisine. Moreover, the environment here is much more authentic than in Rome or Venice, the locals are hospitable and the atmosphere by the sea is relaxed.

bari puglia
The old town of Bari

The capital of the region, Bari, is a lively city with a rich history. It has its own international airport, which can be reached by a direct flight from Prague, especially in high season, with a short transfer in low season.

Bari is a great base for trips around the area. This is where we will anchor for 2-3 days so we can explore a few attractions in the area.

Day 2: Alberobello

  • Bari (Largo Sorrentino) – Alberobello (Bus)
    • Journey time: 1 hour 5 minutes
    • Price: 4,80 EUR

Alberobello is famous for its trulli, which are white, conical houses that are even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These houses were traditionally built without the use of mortar and their unique roofs are often decorated with Christian or mystical symbols.


The town is beautiful, but in recent years very popular. If you want to take a leisurely stroll through the streets, head here early in the morning.

The interior of Puglia is not as well served by trains as other regions in Italy. There is no direct train connection to Alberobello from Bari or surrounding towns. However, there are buses several times a day, which are a convenient and cheap alternative – the bus station in Bari is located next to the main train station. The first connection departs around 8. hours in the morning and then mostly every hour.

alberobello / where to go in italy by train

Day 3: Polignano a Mare

  • Bari (Bari Centrale) – Polignano a Mare
    • Journey time: 22 minutes
    • Price: 2,10-3 EUR

Polignano a Mare is one of the most beautiful towns in Puglia, known for its dramatic cliffs and breathtaking sea views. The city has a very photographic character with narrow streets and white houses.

polignano a mare where to go in italy by train

Enjoy the views of the city and swim in the crystal clear water at the rock-lined Lama Monachile beach (water shoes are a must, it’s crowded in summer).

If you want to experience the quieter atmosphere of the city, stay overnight or, alternatively, stay overnight.

polignano a mare where to go in italy by train

Day 4-5: Monopoli

  • Polignano a Mare – Monopoli
    • Travel time: 5-15 minutes
    • Price: 1,20-1,30 EUR

From Polignano a Mare you can easily reach another seaside town – Monopoli. It is located just 5-15 minutes away depending on whether you take the train or the bus.

Monopoli is larger and livelier than Polignano and offers a more traditional Italian urban environment with a well-preserved historic centre and an active harbour. It also has a wider choice of beaches, including Cala Porta Vecchia and Porto Ghiacciolo.

monopoli where to go in italy by train

Stroll through the beautiful historic centre with its winding streets and fortress, relax on the beach and enjoy the evening atmosphere of the town on the promenade with its blue and white boats.

Day 6-7: Lecce

  • Monopoli – Lecce
    • Journey time: 1 hour 12 minutes
    • Price: 930 EUR

Lecce is the capital of the Salento region, the southernmost part of Puglia, characterised by beautiful beaches and an authentic environment.

Thanks to its magnificent architecture, Lecce is known as the “Florence of the South”.

Lecce is famous for its magnificent Baroque buildings made of local limestone called “pietra leccese”. This stone is easy to work and takes on a creamy colour that brightens in sunlight. The most important examples are the Basilica of Santa Croce and the Cathedral in the Piazza del Duomo.

lecce where to go in italy by train

As well as sightseeing, you must try the local cuisine, which is simple but with distinctive flavours. Try the “orecchiette”, a small pasta in the shape of an ear, served with broccoli or turnip tops (vegetable stalks).

Day 8: Brindisi

  • Lecce – Brindisi
    • Journey time: 27 minutes
    • Price: 3,40 EUR

On the last day we transfer to Brindisi, a coastal town on the eastern coast of Puglia, where there is a small international airport (Aeroporto del Salento). There is no connection to Prague, but you can get here from some of the surrounding airports or with a short transfer, for example in Zurich.

The other option is to go back to Bari (from Lecce by direct train 1 hour 40 minutes) and from there take a direct flight.

Tip: Here you can find all train connections in Italy, so you can compare prices and buy everything in one place – just enter where you’re travelling from and to. Once entered, you will get all connections for the selected day.

Where to go in Italy by train – map

HOW TO USE THIS MAP: Above you will find a detailed map with itineraries of where to go in Italy by train.x Click at the top left of the map to see separate layers with highlighted locations. You can hide and show the different layers or click on the icons on the map to see the names of the places I mention in my guide to train travel in Italy. If you want to save the map, star it. For a larger version, click on the icon in the upper right corner.

These were our tips for itineraries on where to go by train in Italy. Do you have a question? We’ll be happy to answer it in the comments below. Have a safe journey!

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