How to get from Marco Polo Airport to the centre of Venice? Our tips + map

jak se dostat z letiště Marco Polo do Benátek

A detailed guide on how to get from Marco Polo Airport to the centre of Venice – buses, taxis, water taxis, water bus, prices and other useful tips.

Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE)

Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) is the international gateway to Venice, Italy, located 13 kilometres north of the city centre. The airport, named after the famous Venetian explorer Marco Polo, is one of the busiest in Italy.

The airport consists of only one terminal, but it can still get pretty busy. The terminal is divided into three levels, with the ground floor for arrivals, the first floor for departures and the second floor for refreshments and lounges. Here you can see a map of Marco Polo Airport.

The airport is served by a number of low-cost and standard airlines that fly to many European and international destinations. If you fly with Ryanair, Treviso Airport operates most of the flights.

Now we’ll talk more about where to get off in Venice so you can get an idea of which airport connection option is best for you.

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Piazzale Roma

Piazzale Roma is the gateway to Venice. This is where the buses or taxis come from the airport. There are also parking garages in Piazzale Roma, where you must park if you are driving – see the previous article for information on parking in Venice.

Piazzale Roma Venice / Piazzale Roma - in the middle of the ATVO bus stop
Piazzale Roma – in the middle of the stop for ATVO buses to Marco Polo and Treviso airports
Piazzale Roma - view of the road from Mestre
Piazzale Roma – view of the road from Mestre
Piazzale Roma - the way to the vaporetto, the train station and the centre of Venice
Piazzale Roma – the way to the vaporetto, the train station and the centre of Venice

Piazzale Roma is located on the western edge of the central districts of Venice – the so-called. Sisters. It is close to Santa Lucia Station and at the end of the Ponte della Libertà, the causeway that connects Venice to the mainland. Piazzale Roma is the main bus station for Actv local bus lines, ATVO airport buses and long-distance bus services. It is also where you will find the main taxi rank.

From Piazzale Roma, you can reach different parts of Venice by water bus (vaporetto), on foot or by water taxi.

Vaporetto in Piazzale Roma, Venice
Vaporetto in Piazzale Roma, Venice

Accommodation close to Piazzale Roma

Near Piazzale Roma there are a number of hotels, ranging from budget to luxury, overlooking the canal, ideally located for early departures, late arrivals or if you are planning excursions around Venice.

  • Hotel Principe: Four-star hotel with a terrace right on the Grand Canal, 5 minutes from Piazzale Roma and everything you need for a perfect holiday
  • Hotel Il Moro di Venezia: Cheap, clean hotel 5 minutes from Piazzale Roma, with private bathroom and air conditioning
  • Hotel Belle Arti: Three-star hotel in the artistic district of Dorsoduro, located a few minutes from the Grand Canal and Piazza San Marco, Piazzale Roma is a 20-minute walk away.

Accommodation in Venice 😴

ubytování benátky
Camping Venezia Village

Private accommodation in bungalows

ubytování benátky
Antico Panada

3* cosy hotel in the centre of the old town


Mestre is a populated urban area on the mainland of Venice – it is located before Piazzale Roma and at the beginning of Ponte della Libertà. If you take a bus or taxi from the airport, you’ll pass through Mestre first, then over the long embankment of the Ponte della Libertà and get off at Piazzale Roma just over the bridge.

If you are planning to stay in Mestre, you can also get off here. The centre of Venice can be reached by public transport from Mestre to Piazzale Roma (buses, tram, train).

Mestre is also a good option for those looking for cheap accommodation in Venice or a hotel with a pool.

Accommodation in Mestre

  • Hilton Garden Inn Venice Mestre: Four-star modern hotel with great value for money, swimming pool, spa and excellent cuisine
  • Hotel Garibaldi : Hotel in a medium price range in the historic part of Mestre and a stop to Venice directly opposite
  • Camping Venezia Village: Modern accommodation in self-contained bungalows with fridge and terrace, the complex also has a swimming pool, playground, restaurant and shop
  • Hotel Delle Rose: Cheap but clean and pleasant hotel with good access to the airport and Venice
  • Antica Villa Graziella: Cozy and clean accommodation in a two-star guesthouse

Accommodation in Venice 😴

ubytování benátky
Hilton Garden Inn Venice Mestre

Modern 4* hotel with parking and restaurant

levné ubytování benátky
Hotel Delle Rose

Cheap, clean accommodation with parking

How to get from Venice Marco Polo Airport to the centre of Venice?

Marco Polo Airport uses similar signage to other airports. This makes it relatively easy to find where to go on the bus, taxi, water bus or water taxi.

Water taxi

Water taxi offers the most direct and scenic way to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice. Water taxis are motor boats that can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people and their luggage.

There are clearly marked signs at the airport directing you to the water taxi dock. It is located a few minutes’ walk from the arrivals hall. Water taxi service can be booked at the airport or book in advance and a driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall.

Water taxis can be quite expensive, but they provide a direct and scenic route to Venice. It’s a particularly good option if you’re travelling in a group or have a lot of luggage. And a very popular one at that – taxis ply the Grand Canal all the time.

Another advantage is that if you’re not staying at Piazzale Roma, you don’t have to take a crowded vaporetto with your luggage. It stops you conveniently in the center of where you need it.

Fares start from €37 per person. The journey to Venice takes approximately 40 minutes, depending on your exact accommodation. You can buy tickets book here .

Water buses

Alilaguna is a public transport company that operates water buses between Marco Polo Airport and various locations in Venice. If you’re looking for an affordable option to a water taxi, water buses are a good choice.

On the other hand, you have to take into account that the water buses tend to be overcrowded, you can’t fit into the first water bus at peak times and the buses run long, unlike the water taxis. The journey is usually not as scenic as in the case of a water taxi.

Tickets cost around EUR 17 one way or EUR 29 return. The journey takes approximately 75 minutes depending on the line and your final stop. Tickets can be purchased online or at the dock or airport.

There is a choice of blue and orange routes (to Venice, use the blue route, which includes the Marco Polo and the Rialto). For a description of the routes, click here. The dock is located a few minutes from the arrivals hall.

ATVO Express Bus

ATVO Express Bus we used. If you want to be at Piazzale Roma quickly and cheaply, this is the best option to get from Marco Polo Airport to the centre of Venice. Especially if you have accommodation near Piazzale Roma or in Mestre.

The journey from the airport takes approximately 20 minutes and tickets cost 10 € one way or 18 € return (children under 4 travel free).

You buy a ticket for a day, not for an hour, i.e. you can take any train on any given day.

ATVO buses from Marco Polo Airport to Venice

Buses leave every 20 minutes. From Marco Polo Airport to Venice from 06:00-01:10 and from Venice to the airport from 04:20-00:40, every day of the week.

The buses are comfortable, air-conditioned including wifi and offer plenty of storage space for luggage.

Where to buy a ticket for the ATVO Express Bus?

If you buy your ticket through this link like we did, just show it to a staff member before you get on the bus and you can go right in. If you buy your ticket on the spot, you’ll still need to check it at the machine before boarding.

There are two options – an express bus to Piazzale Roma or to Mestre. Depending on where you are performing, you will choose your ticket. The buses stop right behind each other at the bus stop.

Follow the signs at the airport for buses and ATVO buses, which will direct you to the arrivals hall. Cross the road past the taxi rank where you will see signs for ATVO buses pointing to the right. There are stops for ATVO buses to Venice a short walk away – everything is signposted.

Signs for buses at Marco Polo Airport, Venice
Signs for buses at Marco Polo Airport, Venice

Get off in the middle of Piazzale Roma – the bus will stop at the same place where the ATVO bus stop is located. From here you will then drive back to Marco Polo Airport or Treviso Airport.

From Piazzale Roma you can take a vaporetto (water bus) to reach your exact destination in Venice. Or you can stay near Piazzale Roma and walk.

ATVO bus stop in Piazzale Roma Venice
ATVO bus stop in Piazzale Roma

If you go to Mestre, the bus will stop in the centre at the bus station. From here you will then go to the airport again.

Actv public bus

Actv is the local transport company in Venice, with buses to Piazzale Roma or Mestre. Actv buses stop at Marco Polo Airport to the left of the ATVO express buses.

A one-way ticket costs EUR 10 and a return ticket costs EUR 18. It is valid for 75 minutes and also applies to buses and trams within Mestre (not valid for water buses).

The downside is that buses can be crowded and have limited space for luggage. Tickets can be purchased in the arrivals hall and then checked at boarding.

Taxi or private transfer

The price of a regular taxi or private transfer to Piazzale Roma is between 40 and 50 euros and takes approximately 15-20 minutes. The taxi stand is located directly in front of the arrivals hall.

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How to get from Marco Polo Airport to the centre of Venice: MAP

HOW TO USE THIS MAP: Above you will find a detailed map to get from Venice Marco Polo Airport to the centre of Venice. Click at the top left of the map to see separate layers with highlighted locations. You can hide and show the different layers or click on the icons on the map to see the names of the places I mention in the article. If you want to save the map, mark it with an star. It will then be saved to your Google Maps and can be retrieved at any time on your mobile phone or computer. For a larger version of the map, click on the icon in the top right corner.

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FAQ: How to get from the airport to the centre of Venice

Where is Venice Marco Polo Airport?

Marco Polo Airport is about 13 km north of Venice.

How long does it take to get from Marco Polo Airport to the centre of Venice?

The journey from Marco Polo Airport to the main transport square, Piazzale Roma, takes around 20 minutes, depending on the transport you choose. If you choose a water taxi or water bus, the journey is 30-60 minutes long depending on where your accommodation is located.

How to get from Marco Polo Airport to the centre of Venice?

There are 4 basic options – taxi at a rate of 40-50 €, express bus or city bus no. 5 for 10 €, water bus for 17 € or water taxi from 37 € per person. For details on individual shipments, see the article.

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