Venice parking 2024 – prices and how to get to the center + MAP

A detailed guide to parking in Venice if you’re going to Venice by car – prices, where to park for free or cheapest, which car parks are closest and how to get to the centre.

Venice parking

The centre of Venice is made up of narrow streets and canals, accessible only by water bus or gondola. The nearest place to park your car is in front of Piazzale Roma Bus Station or on Tronchetto Island. On the other hand, it’s more expensive.

A cheaper option is to park on the mainland of Venice – Metre, where a large part of the population of Venice lives. We will now take a closer look at both options.

Where to leave the car in Venice?

Parking in Venice: the outskirts of the centre of Venice

The outskirts of the island part of Venice are the closest place to park your car before you set off to see the sights. To get here from the mainland, take the 4 km long Ponte de la Libertà bridge. You have 2 areas to choose where to leave your car:

  • Parking houses near the bus station in Piazzale Roma – closer to the centre, guarded (you leave your keys on the dashboard – in Venice this is normal and perfectly safe), more expensive, only for cars (not for caravans, buses, bigger cars)
  • Tronchetto Island – approx. 1 km from the bus station, secured with cameras, cheaper

Both options are connected to water bus lines that take you to the city centre. A short walk across the bridge from Piazzale Roma is the main train station, Santa Lucia, where you can take a half-hour train to Padua or an hour to Verona.

Parking at Piazzale Roma

Parking at Piazzale Roma is the closest option to park in Venice. The centre of Venice is within walking distance, with Piazza San Marco, the Gran Canal or the Rialto Bridge less than half an hour away.

Piazzale Roma is easy to get to by car – after the Ponte de la Libertà bridge, go straight on until you see a huge garage on your right.

Piazzale Roma Venice
Piazzale Roma, Venice – view towards Mestre

You can choose from 3 options:

The Autorimessa Comunale Garage at Piazzale Roma Bus Station is the first garage you will see (it will be on your right). It is a municipal garage with more than 2,000 parking spaces. Take the middle lane here.

  • Rate for 24 hours 35 €
  • Night parking rate 17:00-5:00 – 15 €

The San Marco Garage at Piazzale Roma Bus Station is the most popular option for parking your car near the centre of Venice. It’s not cheap, but it’s the most convenient and fastest way to visit Venice for, say, 1 day. In high season, you can book online in advance, but parking times are limited. You will see staff in red on arrival, who will help you park if needed. The garages are behind the Autorimessa Comunale garage – continue straight ahead and at the end of the garage turn right and go around the building until you see the red-signed San Marco garage.

  • Rate for 5 hours for cars 20 € (only on site, cannot be booked in advance)
  • Rate for 10 hours for cars 32 €
  • Rate for 24 hours for cars 45 €
  • Night parking rate 17:00-5:00 18 €
  • Rate for 24 hours for motorcycles 15 €

The S.Andrea parking garage is ideal for short-term parking – the rate is 7 € for every 2 hours (14 € for 4 hours, 21 € for 6 hours, etc.), so it is not worth it for longer stays. You don’t leave your keys on the dashboard here. The garage is to the right of the San Marco garage.

Parking on the island of Tronchetto

The island of Tronchetto is also located on the island part of Venice. As soon as you cross the bridge connecting the mainland and the island, turn right onto Tronchetto (going straight ahead would take you to the bus station at Piazzale Roma – see above).

Tronchetto, Venice
Tronchetto, Venice
Tronchetto, Venice

Tronchetto is a man-made island by the harbour with more than 4,000 covered parking spaces. Unlike more central car parks, there’s always plenty of space (no need to book in advance) and you don’t leave your keys on the dashboard. Buses, caravans and similarly larger vehicles that would not have a chance in the narrow garages closer to the centre can park here.

  • Parking rate for 1 hour 4 €
  • Parking rate for 3 hours 16 €
  • Parking rate for 24 hours 25 €

Tronchetto Island is about 15-20 minutes’ walk from Piazzale Roma. An easier way to get to the centre of Venice is to take the vaporettiwater bus (tickets can be bought directly from the ticket machine at the ferry – it’s signposted). The price is 9,50 € for a 75 minute journey. Line 2 and the night line N both stop here and take you past some of the most beautiful places in Venice.

The third option is to take the driverless People mover, which will take you to Piazzale Roma for €1.50 (it’s a direct line between Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto Island; you get off next to the San Marco garage).

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Parking in Venice: suburb of Mestre

Parking on the outskirts of Venice in Mestre is a cheaper option to get to Venice by car. Mestre is the largest part of Venice with 200,000 inhabitants. It has nothing to do with the historic centre, but it is perfectly intertwined with public transport (buses, trams).

parking in Venice / Venice parking / where to leave your car in Venice

Parking in Mestre is worthwhile if you don’t mind spending more time on the way to Venice. You can leave your car here and get to Venice in 10 minutes by train for about €1.35, by tram or bus for €1.50 (€3 at the driver). You get off at Piazzale Roma, the main bus station (take the train to Santa Lucia Station just across the bridge), where several water bus lines connect to the station. from here you can walk to the centre in less than half an hour.

There are plenty of places to park in Mestre, and sometimes even for free (in this case it’s further away from the station and the centre of Mestre). The further you stand from the station, the cheaper it is. Parking fees at the station are usually between €15-20 per 24 hours

But there are several options where you can park much cheaper – here are our tips:

Both car parks are outdoor and uncovered. The bus stop is just a short walk away – bus lines 4L, 7, 6, 2 run to Piazzale Roma.

Please note: Parking is often charged from 00:00-24:00. Payment is due upon departure.

Venice parking – map

HOW TO USE THIS MAP: Above you will find a detailed map of parking in Venice. Click at the top left of the map to see separate layers with highlighted locations. You can hide and show the different layers or click on the icons on the map to see the names of the places I mention in the Venice parking guide. If you want to save the map, star it. For a larger version, click on the icon in the upper right corner.

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