How to pay the entry fee to Venice in 2024 (when to pay, price and other tips)

poplatek za vstup do benátek v itálii

From 2024, a fee has been introduced in Venice to prevent the huge number of tourists heading here for a day trip. In this guide, we’ll look at when to pay the entry fee to Venice, how much it is and when you’re not charged.

Is there a fee to enter Venice, Italy?

Yes, from 2024 there is a new fee that you must pay when entering Venice under certain circumstances.

The aim is to try to regulate tourism and reduce the impact of congestion in the old town of Venice. The amount collected from the fees will help the city cover the high costs associated with the maintenance and preservation of the historical heritage.

view from the bell tower of St. Mark's,Venice

When is the entry fee for Venice in 2024?

There is a fee for entering the old town of Venice, which extends behind the Piazzale Roma, and for entering the small islands that fall under the jurisdiction of the Venice City Council (e.g. Burano, Murano, Lido, etc.). In 2024, the fee applies only to the old town, in subsequent years it will apply to entry to the old town and the surrounding islands (only one fee will be paid each time).

Importantly, you only pay for entry on selected days from April to mid-July. Outside of these days, there is no admission fee and you do not have to register anywhere.

These are the dates in 2024 when the entrance fee to the old town of Venice is payable:

svátky 25. až 30. dubnasvátky 1. až 5. květnavíkend 8. a 9. červnavíkend 6. a 7. července
víkend 11. a 12. květnavíkend 15. a 16. červnavíkend 13. a 14. července
víkend 18. a 19. květnavíkend 22. a 23. června
víkend 25. a 26. květnavíkend 29. a 30. června

If you are visiting the city on one of these days for a day trip (i.e. not staying overnight in the city), you must pay for admission.

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How much is the entry fee to Venice in 2024?

Admission to Venice is set at €5 in 2024. This amount is paid by everyone over 14 years of age who visits Venice for a day trip between 8:30-16:00. Outside these times you do not have to pay for entry.

The following persons are exempt from the fee:

  • Children up to 14 years old,
  • Tourists staying in the territory of the city of Venice (i.e. the whole territory including the suburb of Mestre),
  • Persons with disabilities and their companions,
  • Residents in Venice
Venice, Italy

Where do I pay the entrance fee to Venice?

If you are travelling to Venice on days when you have to pay admission, go to the official website. Click on “Pay your entry” where you will receive a confirmation with a QR code after payment. Keep this for the duration of your trip in Venice.

The fee can also be paid on the spot – temporary locations will be set up by the municipality in Piazzale Roma and at Santa Lucia train station. However, I recommend paying in advance, as it is not yet tested whether long queues will form on the spot.

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Ponte di Rialto Venice

How is the control done in practice?

The check is random. There will be staff in the old town, to whom you must present a receipt with a QR code on request. If you do not have one and you do not fall under the exceptions, you risk a fine of at least €50.

Children under 14 years of age and persons with a Disabled Persons’ Card, including the accompanying person, do not have to register anywhere – if you are asked to check in, you will have to show the relevant document to prove that you are exempt from the fee.

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What should I do if I am staying in Venice on one of these dates?

Your hotel or guesthouse will issue you with a QR code confirmation, which will contain information about the length of your stay. This way, when you are inspected, the City employee will see that you are exempt from the fee.

St Mark's Basilica Venice

This was our guide on how to charge for entry to Venice, Italy. Do you have a question? We’ll be happy to answer it in the comments below. Have a safe journey!

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