How to get from Fiumicino Airport to the centre of Rome? Our tips + map

A detailed guide on how to get from Fiumicino Airport to the centre of Rome – trains, buses, taxis, prices, where to get on and how to get to the centre at night.

Fiumicino Airport

Fiumicino Airport is the main airport for Rome, serving over 40 million passengers a year. It is abbreviated FCO and the full name is Fiumicino International Airport Leonardo da Vinci.

The airport is 35 km south-west of Rome, so it is not accessible by public transport.

Fiumicino Airport has 3 terminals – Terminal T1, Terminal T3 and Terminal T5. We will be interested in Terminals 1 and 3 depending on where you are arriving. Terminal 1 is used for European flights and Terminal 3 for non-European flights.

How to get from Fiumicino Airport to the centre of Rome
Fiumicino Airport map

Termini Central Station

In most cases, buses and trains will take you to Termini Station, the main central station in Rome and an important link for local and long-distance services.

How to get from Fiumicino Airport to the centre of Rome
Termini Central Station

There is also a Termini metro stop right next to the station, where lines A and B stop. The station also offers easy access to the historic city centre. All major sites, such as the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum, are within walking distance (except the Vatican, which can be reached by metro directly from Termini Station).

Due to its strategic location, there are plenty of hotels nearby where you can stay. Here are some tips for good value accommodation near Termini Station:

  • Hotel Impero – cheap hotel with excellent breakfast and roof terrace; older facilities but clean and cosy; quiet at night
  • Hotel Borromeo – cosy period rooms with private bathrooms and air conditioning (for 2-4 people); a few minutes from the metro and within walking distance of the historic centre; beautiful roof terrace with seating and sun loungers
  • Hotel California – 2-4 bedded rooms with private bathroom and air conditioning; within walking distance of the main station and the historic centre
  • Hotel Nord Nuova Roma – near a busy street but has double windows to avoid most noise; roof terrace for evening sitting; comfortable beds and overall very pleasant rooms
  • The Hive hotel – trendy hotel with modern and clean rooms; rooms and suites for up to 4 people available; spacious roof terrace with seating and restaurant

How to get from Fiumicino Airport to the centre of Rome?

The plane arrives at Terminal 1 if you are arriving from Europe (Prague, London, Berlin, etc.) or Terminal 3 if you are arriving from non-European cities (Dubai, New York). You have 3 options to get to the city – taxi, train or bus. Each mode of transport has its pros and cons. We’re going to break them down one by one.


Taxi is a popular option to get from the airport to the centre of Rome. Taxis stop just outside the main entrance doors to Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Their advantage is comfort.

On the other hand, they are the most expensive – fixed rates are €48. One suitcase is free of charge and each additional suitcase costs an extra € 1.

If there are more of you travelling and you are looking for the easiest option, taxis can be a good choice. The journey to the centre takes about 45 minutes – depending on traffic.

Rome taxi
Taxi in Rome in front of Termini station

In front of the terminal there are signs with up-to-date information on taxi rides in Rome and the surrounding area. The official taxis are white and look like other regular taxis.


Trains are another option for getting from the airport to the centre of Rome. And it’s also the fastest, as the direct Leonardo Express train takes you to Termini Station in 32 minutes. Trains run every 15-30 minutes between 6:23-23:23 (from Termini Station back to the airport between 5:20-22:35).

The price for a one-way ride is 14 €. Children under 4 years travel free of charge.

The train is also the surest option if you’re in a hurry. You don’t have to worry about the train being delayed due to heavy traffic.

How to get from Fiumicino Airport to the centre of Rome
Fiumicino Airport Train Station

The other option is the regional trains FL1, which stop at several stations in Rome – Trastevere, Ostiense, Tuscolana, Tiburtina. The price for a one-way ticket is only €8, but you’ll spend over an hour on the journey (depending on where you get off). This is a good option if you were staying in the Trastevere district, for example.

FL1 regional trains run from 6am to 10:30pm (until 11pm on Sundays) – every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends and public holidays.

The train station is easy to get to. Just follow the signs for the train right in the arrivals hall. These will direct you down the escalator after a while. After that, take the next escalator up to the train hall. From here, you can reach not only Rome, but also the surrounding cities in Italy and further afield.

Where to buy train tickets from Fiumicino Airport to Rome?

You can buy train tickets simply at the ticket machines (there are several at the train station) or at the ticket counter. They take cards, too. Roma Termini Station is automatically preset on the machines, so all you have to do is select the date and departure.

You will see the platform number on the ticket. Mark your ticket at the turnstile before boarding. Leonardo Express trains are easy to recognize – they are red-green and have the Leonardo Express sign.

You can also buy train tickets online on the Italian carrier’s website Trenitalia but you need to print them out so you can mark them at the turnstile before boarding.

Train ticket vending machines, source: Captain Raju


Buses are the cheapest way to get from Fiumicino Airport to the centre of Rome. Follow the signs that direct you to the bus platforms at the end of Terminal 3 – once you come out, the platforms will be under the canopy on your right. From Terminal 1, just walk out and take a right along Terminal 1 and then Terminal 3.

There are several private companies that depart from Fiumicino Airport to central Rome – the name of each company is written directly on the bus. Of these, 3 carriers also have booths where you can buy your ticket on the spot. It is also within easy reach of Fiumicino or Ciampino Airport.

On each platform there is a board with the current departures including the name of the transport company. Buses run approximately every 40 minutes to an hour.

The bus ride takes around an hour and costs 6-7 € depending on the chosen carrier. Buses are the cheapest option, but also the longest. There are several transport companies – you can choose between Terravision, SIT Bus-Shuttle or T.A.M.

Each of them then stops elsewhere at Termini Station from/to the airport – where you get off, you get on. You can find the locations on the map below.

Terravision buses

Terravision buses on the platform in front of Terminal 3

For example, you can choose Terravision buses departing from platform 14. The price for a one-way ride is 6 €. Terravision buses run directly to Termini Station.

Tip: You can buy bus tickets online and just show them on your mobile phone on the spot. The advantage is that if you miss the original connection, you can take the next one without any problems.

Terravision buses run from the airport to Rome from 6:05-20:25 and back from Termini Station to the airport from 5:10-21:30.

SIT Bus-Shuttle buses

SIT Bus-Shuttle buses on the platform in front of Terminal 3

Another option is the SIT Bus-Shuttle from platform 12, which stops at Aurelia, near the Vatican, and then on to Termini Station. The bus stops are marked with a yellow sign and there is usually a worker wearing a reflective vest – it’s well signposted.

The fare in this case is 7 € and the return fare is 13 €. If you buy a return ticket directly, the return journey is open and not limited by date or time. Tickets You can again buy online and just show them on your mobile phone on the spot.

Buses run from the airport to the city centre between 8:30-21:55. Return from the centre to the airport between 4:45 and 20:00.

T.A.M. buses.

T.A.M. buses run continuously day and night. It runs every hour during the day and every 1-2 hours in the early morning and at night. On the way to Rome, some services also stop at Ostiense Station and then Termini Station.

The price for a one-way trip is 6 € and for a return trip 11 €. Tickets can be buy here .

Where to buy bus tickets from Fiumicino Airport to Rome?

Some transport companies (e.g. Terravision) have a stand a short walk from the platforms, but they are not open 24 hours a day. You can also buy tickets on board the bus for an additional fee.

The third option is to buy your bus ticket online. You don’t do anything else on the spot and go straight to the bus, where you just show the ticket on your mobile phone.

Tip: SIT Bus-Shuttle buses are the most reliable bus service. The buses are in good condition and the quality of service is the best. A ticket will cost €7 and a return ticket €13. SIT Bus-Shuttle buses are best booked in advance . In case of delays, you can take the next connection.

How to get from Fiumicino Airport to the centre of Rome at night?

For night services, you can use the bus carrier T.A.M., which departs from platform 13. Just beware that they stop first at Ostiense station and then at Termini station. It is better on night connections book a ticket in advance .

The T.A.M. bus returns to Fiumicino Airport from Termini Station – see timetable .

Cotral buses also leave from the regional bus station at Terminal 1 at night – tickets can be bought at the ticket office or on board the bus. Cotral buses also run from Termini Station to the airport – you will find your connection after entering your details here .

How to get from Fiumicino Airport to the centre of Rome: MAP

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FAQ: How to get from the airport to the centre of Rome

Where is Fiumicino Airport?

Fiumicino Airport is about 35 km south-west of Rome.

How long does it take to get from Fiumicino Airport to the city centre?

The journey from Fiumicino Airport to Termini Station in the centre of Rome takes around 30-60 minutes, depending on your choice of transport.

How to get from Fiumicino Airport to the centre of Rome?

There are 3 basic options – taxi for a fixed rate of 48€, buses for 6-7€ (depending on the carrier) or train for 8-14€ (depending on the type of service). For details on individual shipments, see the article.

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