Wörthersee, Austria: 14 Things to do at Wörthersee (+ map)

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Wörthersee is a beautiful turquoise lake surrounded by mountains near Villach in Carinthia. Join us for a look at the best trips and things to do at Wörthersee in Austria.

Enjoy swimming in the warm water, head to the Pyramidenkogel for breathtaking views or visit the macaques in the reserve near Wörthersee.

This guide gives you the best tips on how to enjoy the perfect lakeside holiday – tips on trips and things to do around Wörthersee, what food to try, swimming, where to stay and other useful information.

Things to do at Wörthersee, Austria

1. Bathing at the Wörthersee

Wörthersee is one of the best lakes in Austria for summer recreation. The average water temperature of the Wörthersee reaches 25 °C in summer. Moreover, the water is crystal clear and literally invites you to swim. Ideal for swimming, windsurfing, water skiing and other water sports.

wörthersee carinthian lakes

The beaches around the lake are mostly paid or private. The paid beaches really provide everything for a day by the water – they are grassy with plenty of shady spots and good access to the water. At the larger beaches, you can also rent a boat or pedal boat and take a ride on the lake.

Well-kept beaches suitable for families with children can be found in Velden, Schiefling, Krumpendorf, Pörtschach am Wörthersee, Reifnitz and especially in Klagenfurt, which is the most popular on the Wörthersee.

Many hotels and apartments along the lake have their own private beaches or beach clubs.

2. Boat trip on the Wörthersee

Take a boat cruise on Lake Wörthersee, which connects all the main points around the lake. Cruises on Lake Wörthersee are operated by Wörthersee Schifffahrt, whose fleet includes, among others, the Thalia, one of the oldest boats on the lake, and the innovative solar electric boat Maria Wörth.

wörthersee lakes in carinthia austria

During the cruise, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding Carinthian landscape – from alpine hills to green forests to picturesque lakeside villages.

Here are the marinas around Lake Wörthersee:

boat trip on the wörthersee

Boats sail daily from April to the end of October. There are several types of tickets to choose from – from single tickets to day and weekly tickets. On presentation of the Wörthersee Plus Card, you will receive a 50% discount on the day ticket (instead of € 20, you will pay only € 10).

Seniors over 65, children over the age of 6 (up to the age of 6 free of charge) and persons with disabilities also enjoy a discount on fares.

For current prices and timetables, please visit the official Wörthersee Schifffahrt website.

Accommodation Wörthersee 😴

These accommodations include the Wörthersee Plus Card, which gives you free admission or discounts to area attractions. All guests will receive their card on the day of arrival, along with a leaflet explaining what the card includes. The card is valid from the beginning of April to the beginning of November.

worthersee ubytování
Hotel Rösch

3* hotel with parking, wellness and restaurant

worthersee ubytování
Seepark Wörthersee Resort

4* resort with extensive spa and restaurant

3. Promenade in Velden

The surrounding area of Wörthersee is beautifully landscaped. You can stroll around the promenade, which is lined with colourful flowers, benches and moored boats. One of the most beautiful promenades is located in Velden. With restaurants, park and playground.

wörthersee austria what to do
wörthersee austria what to do

There are also beautiful promenades in Reifnitz, Pörtschach am Wörthersee, Krumpendorf and, of course, Klagenfurt, the capital of the Wörthersee region.

promenade at wörthersee austria

4. Park Minimundus

Minimundus is a miniature park where you can see over 160 miniature versions of famous landmarks from around the world – from the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal. These are set in a beautiful, landscaped park in Klagenfurt on the shores of Lake Wörthersee.

minimundus park klagenfurt carinthia / carinthian lakes
minimundus park klagenfurt carinthia / carinthian lakes

Here you will find the latest information about admission fees and opening hours. Free parking is available right next to the park. Park Minimundus is not part of the Kärnten Card.

5. Klagenfurt

The Minimundus Park is located in Klagenfurt, which we will continue now. Klagenfurt is the largest city on the lake and one of the largest in Carinthia. It is located on the eastern shore of the lake and is bordered by a beautiful promenade and a popular beach.

While you’re here, also visit the old town in the centre, famous for its water-spouting dragon fountain. The surrounding streets are lined with historic houses with colourful façades and Klagenfurt Cathedral with its spacious square.

klagenfurt wörthersee

6. Pyramidenkogel

The Pyramidenkogel can’t be missing from the list of the best hikes to do around Wörthersee. It is the highest wooden lookout tower in the world, from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

pyramidenkogel wörthersee
worthersee austria

Pyramidenkogel stands at 920 metres in the south of Lake Wörthersee. You can reach the tower by car – there is a large parking lot. The observation platform of the tower can be reached by elevator or stairs. You can go down the slide (extra charge).

There is also a restaurant and a small exhibition focused on the construction of the tower. Here you can find up-to-date information about entrance fees and opening hours. The Pyramidenkogel is part of the Kärnten Card, with the Wörthersee Plus Card you get a 20% discount on admission.

7. Maria Wörth

Maria Wörth is a picturesque village on the southern shore of the Wörthersee, which is best known for its two beautiful Romanesque churches – the Church of St. Primus and Felician and the Winterkirche. These churches stand on a hill on a peninsula that extends directly into the lake.

Even when you arrive by boat, it’s a beautiful sight. If you want to enjoy the special atmosphere of the place, visit Maria Wörth in the early evening or early morning when it is not so crowded.

maria wörth wörthersee

8. Tierpark Rosegg

Are you planning a holiday at Wörthersee with children? Then don’t miss a visit to the Tierpark in Rosegg, just a few minutes from Velden. It is unique in its location – the animals walk around the castle ruins, which are interwoven with paths and benches where you can enjoy nice views of the animals and the surroundings.

The animal park also includes a restaurant and a children’s playground. Here you will find the latest information about admission fees and opening hours.

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9. Landskron and Affenberg Fortress

The Landskron is an impressive fortress with spectacular views, located just 20 minutes from Velden am Wörther See. One of the main attractions of the fortress is the falconry show, where you can see demonstrations of hunting with birds of prey.

landskron burg wörthersee
landskron fortress corutany

Just a short distance away is Affenberg, one of the biggest attractions in Carinthia. Affenberg means “Monkey Mountain”, where you can observe more than 150 Japanese macaques in the wild. The tour is guided by a guide, from whom you will learn more interesting facts.

affenberg carinthia austria

10. Villach

Villach is one of the largest cities in Carinthia. It provides perfect facilities and at the same time has a well-preserved historic core, which is ideal for a leisurely stroll. Enjoy the view of the colourful facades of the old houses or go for a bite to eat in one of the restaurants.

villach carinthia

Villach is located just a quarter of an hour from Velden am Wörther See on the western shore of the lake. On the outskirts of the town, you can visit the KärntenTherme thermal baths. The perfect place for rainy days, with plenty of water attractions and an extensive spa.

Accommodation Wörthersee 😴

ubytování wörthersee
Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden

Luxury hotel with beach, wellness and half board

ubytování wörthersee
ibis Wörthersee

Cheap, modern accommodation a short walk from the lake

11. Dobratsch Nature Park

Where to go hiking around Lake Wörthersee? Dobratsch Nature Park is a safe bet. You can easily spend the whole day here.

The Villacher Alpenstrasse is a very easy way to get through the nature park. There is a charge for this unless you have a Kärnten Card, which is free.

dobratsch nature park korutany

The Villacher Alpenstraße is approximately 16.5 kilometres long and takes you up to a height of 1,732 metres, where the car park is located. From the car park you can then continue to the top of Dobratsch with its panoramic restaurant and terrace (the journey takes about 1.5 hours).

There are other car parks around the alpine road – for example at the Alpine Botanical Garden or the new Rote Wand lookout. Here you can find more information about Villacher Alpenstraße.

dobratsch nature park

12. Faaker See

Would you like to visit another beautiful lake in Carinthia? Faaker See is located just a short distance from Wörthersee – by car you can be here in a quarter of an hour, by bike in less than an hour.

Faaker See is one of the smallest lakes in Carinthia – thanks to this, the water here reaches up to 27 degrees Celsius in summer.

faaker see corinthian lakes
faaker see corinthian lakes

If you are planning to go swimming in Faaker See, one of the most beautiful beaches is in Drobollach. In addition, admission is completely free, only parking is charged. The beach at Faak am See in the south of the lake is also popular.

Want to enjoy the best view of the lake? Head to Hochhinauf – Taborhöhe. The trip is short, there is a rope park of various difficulties, refreshments and above all a view of Faaker See.

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faaker see corinthian lakes
View from Hochhinauf – Taborhöhe

13. Hochosterwitz Castle

Hochosterwitz Castle is one of the most famous castles in Austria. It stands on a limestone hill 160 metres above the surrounding countryside, about 20 minutes northeast of Klagenfurt.

The castle has well-preserved medieval architecture that dates back to the 9th century. Legend has it that the castle was never conquered due to its strategic location and defensive mechanisms. You will pass through many gates to the castle, with each gate having its own unique defensive elements.

Hochosterwitz Castle Carinthia

You can also take the lift from the car park, but you will lose the walk through the defensive gates.

Hochosterwitz Castle is open from April to the end of October. Opening hours vary according to the season. Check the official website for up-to-date information on admission and opening times. Free parking is available at the foot of the castle. The Wörthersee Plus Card gives you a € 2 discount on the entrance fee.

14. Tscheppaschlucht

The Tscheppa Gorge is one of the most beautiful gorges in Carinthia. The water gurgles between the steep and jagged rocks and creates amazing cascades and waterfalls.

You can walk the entire gorge on a well-maintained, moderately difficult trail, which is partly made up of metal and wooden bridges, ladders and stairs. The most interesting part awaits you in the vicinity of the Devil’s Bridge, from where you have the best view of the local waterfalls.

You can walk through the whole gorge in about 2 hours. You will reach the Deutscher Peter restaurant, from where a bus goes back to the car park in high season, or you can take a bus to the hotel. you can take the same route back.

The trail is a bit steep in places and slippery after rain, so it may be harder for small children and dogs (although they are allowed). Entrance fee is 10 € (including bus back to the car park), with the Carinthian Card you can enter for free. The Tscheppa competition is open from the beginning of May to the end of October daily from 8:30-17:00.

Tscheppaschlucht carinthia austria

There is a paid parking lot at the trailhead (4 € in 2023) – you will see the sign just after the village of Unterloibl on your right. I recommend checking the official website before your trip for more information on the timetables of the buses that will take you back to the car park.

Where to stay at Lake Wörthersee

These accommodations include the Wörthersee Plus Card, which gives you free admission or discounts to area attractions. Enjoy free train rides throughout Carinthia or discounts to the Pyramidenkogel, forest cable parks or museums and galleries in the surrounding area. You also get free access to one of the public beaches when you stay for at least 3 days. You will see the specific discounts when you arrive after downloading the Wörthersee Plus Card app.

The card will be given to all guests on the day of arrival, along with information on what the card includes. The card is valid from the beginning of April to the beginning of November.

Accommodation Wörthersee 😴

These accommodations include the Wörthersee Plus Card, which gives you free admission or discounts to area attractions. All guests will receive their card on the day of arrival, along with a leaflet explaining what the card includes. The card is valid from the beginning of April to the beginning of November.

worthersee ubytování
Hotel Rösch

3* hotel with parking, wellness and restaurant

worthersee ubytování
Seepark Wörthersee Resort

4* resort with extensive spa and restaurant

Things to do at Lake Wörthersee – map

HOW TO USE THIS MAP: Above you will find a detailed map of Lake Wörthersee, Austria. Click at the top left of the map to see separate layers with highlighted locations. You can hide and show the different layers or click on the icons on the map to see the names of the things to do mentioned in the Wörthersee travel guide. If you want to save the map, star it. For a larger version, click on the icon in the upper right corner.

Transportation near Wörthersee

In addition to boating on the Wörthersee (see above), there are bus and train services around the lake. This makes it easy to get where you need to go without a car.

The railway runs around the entire northern bank and stops in all the villages along the route (Velden, Pörtschach, Klagenfurt, Krumpendorf and others). Between Velden, the furthest town on the west of the lake, and Klagenfurt, on the east of the lake, the train journey takes just 20-25 minutes. With the Wörthersee Plus Card, you can travel on trains throughout Carinthia for free – the card is obtained automatically when you check in at the hotel reception.

The trains are then supplemented by Postbus buses – especially along the south shore of the lake, where trains do not operate.

To find connections, I recommend ÖBB Scotty, where you can search for train and bus connections and buy tickets in one place.

marina maria worth

A car is another way to get around the lake in comfort. A regional road runs around the entire shoreline, from which you will have beautiful views of the lake.

There is plenty of parking around the lake, which is often free or only charged in high season (usually a maximum of €4 per day).

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What to taste at Lake Wörthersee, Austria?

Wörthersee is famous for its hearty and traditional cuisine, which is largely influenced by the alpine environment and the richness of the lake. Here are some typical dishes you can try when visiting Wörthersee:

  • Freshwater fish: Lake Wörthersee is home to several species of fish, including carp, pike and trout. These fish are often grilled or baked. Don’t miss the Steckerlfisch, grilled fish on a skewer.
  • Kärntner Nudel: A special dish from Carinthia, which you can imagine as a stuffed bag similar to ravioli. Fillings can vary, but traditional fillings include mixtures of meat, cheese or spinach.
  • Kärntner Kasnudeln: another typical Carinthian speciality, featuring pastry bags filled with cheese, potatoes and herbs (mainly mint and parsley).
  • Wiener schnitzel: Wiener schnitzel made from veal is not only popular in Vienna, but can be found on menus all over Austria, including the Wörthersee region.
  • Kaiserschmarrn: Dessert in the form of a torn pancake with raisins and icing sugar. It is usually served with fruit compotes such as plum or apple.
  • Cheeses and cold cuts: Visit the Alpine pastures of Carinthia, where you can taste regional cheeses and quality cured meats.
Kaiserschmarrn, what to taste at Wolfgangsee
Kaiserschmarrn, what to taste at Wörthersee

This was our travel guide and things to do at Wörthersee. Do you have a question? We’ll be happy to answer it in the comments below. Have a safe journey!

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