45 Best Things to do in Tyrol, Austria: Top Places to visit

Tyrolsko Rakousko

Tyrol is a region where the high peaks of the Alps, beautiful valleys interspersed with clear mountain rivers, and picturesque villages where the original architecture and local culture have been preserved. The Tyrolean Alps in summer and winter are the ideal place to spend your holidays and have unforgettable experiences. Here’s a list of the best places for hiking and the things to do in Tyrol, Austria.

Interesting facts about Tirol, Austria

Tyrol is a fascinating region, renowned for its natural beauty, culture and history. This makes it one of the most sought-after areas in the Austrian Alps. It is located in the west of Austria and is one of the largest federal states in the country. Tyrol is also unique because it is divided between Austria and Italy.

Most of Tyrol lies in the Alps and is home to some of the highest peaks in Austria, including Großglockner (3,798 metres) and Wildspitz (3,768 metres).

Let’s take a look at the best things to do in Tyrol, from easy hiking trails to interesting places you’ll love.

Tip: Some regions in Tyrol offer a free discount card at selected hotels, which you receive on arrival. With it, you can get free use of cable cars and public transport, or discounts on activities in the surrounding area. For more detailed information, see the article below for the locations affected.

Best Things to do in Tyrol, Austria

1. Zillertal Alps – Destinations in Tyrol

On the Austrian-Italian border, the Zillertal Alps are located in the south of Tyrol. They will amaze you with their glaciated peaks, long valleys, clear lakes and far-reaching views.

Visit the Krimmel Waterfalls, the largest waterfalls in Austria, enjoy the view of the Schlegeis Dam or ski all year round on the Hintertux Glacier.

Things to do in the Zillertal Alps

Hintertux Glacier

The Hintertux Glacier is one of the largest glaciers in Austria and the world. If you like to ski, this place is a guarantee that you will ski most of the year. For more information about the Hintertux Glacier, visit the official website.

Tip: The best accommodation for glacier access is Hotel Thermal-Badhotel Kirchler which is just a few minutes from the cable car and provides all facilities including a spa and restaurant.

hintertux zillertal alps

Schlegeis Alpine Road and Schlegeis Dam

Another tip for a trip to see in Tyrol is the Schlegeis Alpine Road, which connects the valley with the Schlegeis High Dam. In 2024, you will pay €17 to drive on the Schlegeis Stausee (€13 by motorbike). The road is open from mid-May to the end of October.

The road is 13 km long and will help you bridge 800 vertical metres to an altitude of 1780 metres. The Schlegeis Stausee may not offer the same views as the Grossglockner road, but it makes up for it at the finish with the Schlegeis Dam with its clear water surrounded by Alpine peaks.

Take a walk around the dam on a well-maintained path or follow one of the hiking trails:

Hiking trail to Pfitscher’s cottage

Pfitscher’s hut (Italian Rifugio Passo di Vizze) is just over the border in Italy. The route is 7.4 km long in one direction and will take you just over 2.5 hours. Most of the time you walk along the valley around the mountain stream with a view of beautiful waterfalls and only towards the end you will climb up to the Pfitscherjoch saddle. From here, you are just a short walk from the hut, which is located right by the Jochsee lake. The path is easy and part of a cycle path.

Route to Pfitscher's hut
Route to Pfitscher’s hut
Tourist route to Olperer’s cottage

Olperer’s hut is located directly above the Schlegeisspeicher dam, so you can enjoy the best view of the dam from here. This is where you may have seen the iconic photo on the small suspension bridge. To Olperer’s hut you will climb 600 vertical metres (2 hours).

View from Olperer's hut to the Schlegeis dam
View from Olperer’s hut to the Schlegeis dam

Zillergründl Dam

The Zillergründl dam is located east of Mayrhofen at an altitude of 1850 m. You can walk directly to the dam along a 4 km trail from the Bärenbad Inn. The second, more popular option is the bus directly from Mayrhofen station, which runs every hour during the summer season.

Zillergründl Austria

Take an easy walk around the reservoir to the Hohenaualm hut (1.5 hours one way; suitable for bikes and strollers). Would you like to see the dam and its surroundings from a bird’s eye view? Then head to the Plauener Hütte (less than 2 hours away). You’ll have a bigger climb ahead of you, which will reward you with fantastic views.

Zillertal high mountain road

Experience breathtaking views of the Zillertal Alps on the 50 km long Zillertaler alpine road. The road takes you from 500 m to 2020 m.

Zillertal High Road Austria

In 2023 you will pay 8 € for the passage (motorbikes 5 €). It’s definitely worth the price, because you can easily spend the whole day here. You can park your car in one of the car parks, have a refreshment in one of the mountain huts and choose a hiking trail to continue into the mountains. Check out the official website for more information on the hiking trails.


The Finkenberg is a popular area between the peaks of Penken (2095 m) and Knorren (2081 m). Due to its easy accessibility, it is an ideal trip for families with children or those looking for an easy hike and hiking trails in Tyrol. You can reach the top on foot or by cable car from Finkenberg or Mayrhofen.

Walk along easy trails, enjoy the views from the restaurant or continue on to the top of the Wanglspitze on the excellent ridge route (1.5 hours one way).

Krimmel Waterfalls

The Krimmel Waterfalls are 380 metres high and are the largest waterfalls in Europe. The waterfalls are divided into three cascades connected by a 4 km long paved path. There are 11 stops along the way, where you can almost reach the waterfalls. The higher you go, the fewer tourists there will be at the falls. You can walk all the way to the picturesque valley that leads past the stormy Krimmler Ache.

Krimmler Waterfalls / things to do in Zell am See

The Krimmel Waterfalls are reached via a turn off the Gerlos Strasse toll road. It is passable all year round (don’t forget the necessary tyre equipment in winter) and will cost you €12 (motorbikes €8.50) in 2024.

At the Krimmel Falls there is a huge parking lot, an information centre and stalls along the path to the falls. There is a fee to enter the waterfalls. Follow this link to find the current opening hours and entrance fees.

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2. Ötztal Alps – things to do in Tirol

The Ötztal Alps are characterised by extensive glaciation and three thousand peaks with the highest peak in the whole of Tyrol – Wildspitze (3768 m).

Three main valleys run through the entire area – the Ötztal Valley with the resort of Sölden, the Pitztal Valley with the Pitztaler Glacier and the Kaunertal Valley in the nature park of the same name with the Kaunertal Glacier.

If you want to experience a true alpine environment, the Ötztal Alps are one of the best places in Austria. You can find them in West Tyrol.

Things to do in the Ötztal Alps

Sölden Glacier

Sölden is one of the most popular ski areas, but its extensive exposed slopes make it more suitable for experienced skiers. You can relax here from September to May.

Near the top station of the cable car there are three viewpoints called BIG3:

  • A viewpoint at the top of Gaislachkogl (3,056 m), where you can also have a snack at the highest restaurant Ice Q – this is where the scenes for James Bond were filmed and where you can visit the 007 Elements Museum
  • Panorama footbridge at the top of Tifenbach (3250 m)
  • View from the top of Schwarze Schneid (3340 m) – you can get here if you climb another 90 metres from the previous viewpoint. You can enjoy the views here “more at ease” and see all the way to the Dolomites.
Panorama footbridge at the top of Tifenbach
Panorama footbridge at the top of Tifenbach

Kaunertal Valley

The Kaunertal Valley is one of the three valleys in the Ötztal Alps. The Kaunertaler Gletscherstrasse, or Kaunertal Glacier Route, is open all year round and runs for 26 km, and is known as the most beautiful dead-end street in Austria. Follow this link for the road’s current opening hours and toll charges.

kaunertal tyrol

The journey starts in Feichten and takes you past the Gepatsch Dam to the foot of the Kaunertal glacier. From here you can take a modern cable car up to the glacier, where you can enjoy almost year-round skiing, hiking trails and views all the way to Italy.

Recommendation: bring plenty of extra clothes – here you can experience a perfect change of weather in a very short time.

Gepatsch dam

Pitztal Valley and Glacier

The Pitztal Glacier can be found below the second highest peak in Austria – Wildspitze (3768 m). It is the highest glacier in Austria, so you can ski here for a large part of the year – from September to May.

The Gletscherexpress, a glacier express that runs from Mittelberg through the mountains and is followed by a cable car, takes you up all year round.

At an altitude of 3,440 metres, the futuristic building houses the highest café in Austria. In addition to a good cake, you will also enjoy the beautiful views from the observation deck.

pitztal tyrol


Rifflsee is located just a short distance from the Pitztal Glacier. The starting position is the same. The area around Lake Riflsee is ideal for families with children. You can take the cable car up to the top and enjoy an easy route around the lake.

Rifflsee Tyrol

A nice circular route then starts at the top station of the cable car to Rifflsee (you can get here from the Mitterberg car park), from where you continue around the lake on the Fuldaer Höhenweg.

Where to stay in the Ötztal Alps

When you book these hotels, you get a free Ötztal Premium Card on arrival, which includes free use of local transport, cable cars and access to activities in the area (valid from June to October).

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3. Stubai Alps – things to do in Tyrol

The Stubai Alps are adjacent to the Zillertal Alps, but unlike them they are even more rugged. Ski on the Stubai Glacier, enjoy the view from the Top of Tyrol lookout at an altitude of 3,210 metres or follow one of the hiking trails to experience the beautiful nature of the Stubai Alps.


Stubai Glacier

The Stubai Glacier is an ideal destination all year round. From October to June you can ski here, in summer it is an ideal place for hiking of various difficulties around the mountain huts. More information about the Stubai Glacier can be found here.

The cable car to the Top of Tyrol, things to do in the Austrian Alps
The cable car to the Top of Tyrol, things to do in the Austrian Alps

Top of Tyrol and Glacier Cave

There is also a Top of Tyrol viewpoint on the glacier, from which you can enjoy views of the Alps from an altitude of 3,210 metres. You can visit a glacial cave a short distance away.

View from Top of Tyrol, Stubai Alps
View from Top of Tyrol, Stubai Alps

Peak Serles

Travelling to the Stubai Alps with children? Experience a great family day out at the foot of Mount Serles. There is a children’s playground, a bobsleigh run, a dam with an easy sightseeing route and a restaurant. The top is reached by cable car from Mieders.

Serles, Austria
Serles, Austria
Serles, Austria

Panoramic route over the Kreuzjoch saddle

A cable car will take you to the Kreuzjoch saddle from the village of Fulpmes. The saddle has a playground, mountain huts and a number of hiking trails. From here you can hike to the top of Krinnenköpfe, where there is a small skywalk at 2139 m.

More experienced hikers can go in the other direction to the top of Niederer Burgstall (2436 m) and from there continue to the top of Hoher Burgstall (2611 m). You can descend back down past the Starkenburger Hütte.

Finstertal reservoir

The Finstertal reservoir is one of two reservoirs that serve the purpose of supplying electricity in the Kühtai region of Tyrol, Austria. This area is famous for its ski resort and is very popular for winter sports. In the summer season you can enjoy beautiful hiking trails.

The Finstertal reservoir is located in the Stubai Alps at an altitude of about 2,400 metres above sea level.

Finstertal Tirol Austria

The dam is most easily reached by a four-seater cable car from Kühtai, which offers stunning views of the surrounding lakes. From the cable car, you can take an easy trail for about 40 minutes, which you can do even with children.

If you don’t want to take the cable car, you can take the marked route directly from Kühtai, from where the journey takes about 1 hour.

You can circumnavigate the dam from one whole side or climb the iconic Sulzkogel peak (3016 m), which offers fantastic views (you need experience with high mountain terrain and plenty of water and food with you).

Where to stay in the Stubai Alps

When booking these hotels, you will receive a free Stubai Super Card on arrival, which includes free use of local transport, cable cars and discounts on activities in the surrounding area (valid from late May to mid-October).

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4. Innsbruck – the centre of Tyrol

Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol and is often considered its centre. It is located in the western part of Austria and is surrounded by mountains.

Innsbruck is famous for its historic buildings, including the Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl) and several impressive castles and palaces.

In winter you can enjoy great skiing, in summer you can visit the attractions in the area.

Things to do in Innsbruck

Nordkette mountain ridge

Take the Innsbruck Nordkette cable car from the city centre to Austria’s largest nature park in a few minutes. The breathtaking 360° view of the Alpine capital on one side and the Karwendel Nature Park on the other side will amaze you.

The lower cable car station is located next to the congress in the city centre. From here you take the funicular, which also stops at the Alpine Zoo and Aquarium.

You then take a modern cable car to the Hafelekar – Top of Innsbruck at an altitude of 2,443 m, from where you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the Innsbruck area.

You can also make a stop at the previous station, Seegrube, which is ideal for families with children. There are trails of varying difficulty leading from both stations (choose Seegrube for easy trails) and a restaurant for refreshments.

If you don’t want to take the funicular, you can park directly at the lower cable car station in the paid parking lot.


The Muttereralm is located at an altitude of 1600 metres southwest of Innsbruck and offers the best view of Innsbruck with the panorama of the Karwendel Mountains beyond.

You can reach the top by cable car or on groomed trails and cycle paths (allow about 2 hours for the ascent). Here you will find more information about the Muttereralm and the cable car.

You can park at the lower cable car station or simply take the tram from Innsbruck, which is free for guests.

At the top station of the cable car there is a hut, a dam, a playground for children, single trails in the Innsbruck Bike Park and other activities that will keep you entertained for the whole day.

You can also choose trails of different difficulty levels. If you are looking for something more challenging, enjoy a hike up Saile (about 1 hour from the top station of the cable car.

Swarovski Kristallwelten Museum

Would you like to experience something extraordinary in Tyrol? Swarovski Kristallwelten is a unique attraction located in Wattens near Innsbruck. It was founded in 1995 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Swarovski’s anniversary.

The main attraction is the “Wunderkammern”, where visitors can see various art installations and exhibitions that focus on crystal. Don’t miss the Swarovski Crystal Worlds gardens, which feature a number of artworks, including a huge face with a waterfall and pond.

There is also a playground and amusement park for children, a restaurant and, of course, a Swarovski jewellery and souvenir shop. Check out the official website for more information.

4. Kitzbühel Alps – things to do in Tyrol

The Kitzbühel Alps are located in the eastern part of Tyrol and stretch around the picturesque town of Kitzbühel. Enjoy hiking, take a dip in the lake or visit the animals at the local Alpine zoo.

Things to do in the Kitzbühel Alps

Kitzbüheler Horn

The Kitzbüheler Horn (1996 m) is one of the most popular hikes in the Kitzbühel Alps. You can reach the top by cycling or hiking trail (about 2.5 hours) or by cable car from Kitzbühel.

From the top, you can see a magnificent view of the surrounding area, including the Imperial Mountains, which you can see in all their glory.


The Hahnenkamm (1712 m) is a world-famous ski slope where the Alpine Ski World Cup races are held. Outside the winter season, you can enjoy easy hiking and cycling trails in a beautiful alpine setting. There is a cable car from Kitzbühel to the top.


Schwarzsee is one of the warmest lakes in Tyrol, with beautifully clear water that literally tempts you to swim. The entire lake can be circumnavigated on an easy, well-maintained trail (the circuit is 2.5 km on flat ground). Or rent a boat or pedal boat and take a ride on the water reflecting the peaks of the Imperial Mountains.

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6. Lienz Dolomites – things to do in Tirol

Who wouldn’t love the Italian Dolomites. Did you know that you can experience a similar sight in the vicinity of Lienz, Austria?

The Lienz Dolomites are a mountain group belonging to the Gailtal Alps, which are part of the Southern Limestone Alps. Unlike the Italian Dolomites, the Lienz Dolomites do not contain any limestone.

Things to do in the Lienz Dolomites

Karlsbader Hütte and Lake Laserzsee

The hike starts at the Dolomitenhütte hut, where there is a parking lot. From there, follow the trail towards the Karlsbader Hütte and Lake Laserzsee. The trip takes about 2 hours and is moderately demanding.

Karlsbader Hütte and Laserzsee, Lienz Dolomites
Karlsbader Hütte and Laserzsee, Lienz Dolomites

Tristacher See

Lake Tristacher lies south of Lienz. It is a place where you can enjoy a great swim or a beautiful walk around the lake surrounded by mountains. You can park right by the lake or walk here directly from Lienz (about 1.5 hours from the centre).

Steinermandl Peak

The Steinermandl peak can be found north of Lienz at an altitude of 2213 m. It is very easily accessible by cable car and the views from here are fantastic.

Steinermandl, Austria
Steinermandl, Austria

The place is an ideal starting point for several hiking trails. For example, the easy route to Lake Neualplseen around the Goiselemandl peak (2433 m), which takes 2.5 hours round trip.

Hochsteinhütte and Hochstein Peak

The mountain hut Hochsteinhütte is another popular excursion point. You can reach the hut by a toll high-mountain road. The hut is located just below the Hochstein peak (2057 m), from where you can continue along the marked trails.

7. Lake Achensee – things to do in Tyrol

The fjord-like Lake Achensee in North Tyrol is one of the most beautiful lakes in Tyrol. It is also the largest – 9 kilometres long and 133 metres deep. Plus, there are countless activities to do.

Enjoy swimming or boating on the Achensee, take a walk along the trail that skirts the lake or head into the mountains.

☞ Get inspired with tips on the most beautiful lakes in Austria.

Things to do at Achensee

Rofan Mountains

The Rofan Mountains are easily accessible from Achensee by cable car from Maurach in the southeast of the lake. In a few minutes, the cable car can climb several hundred metres up to 1840 metres. There are plenty of ways to spend the day at the top station of the cable car.

Rofan, Achensee Tirol

The Rofan Mountains are literally interwoven with hiking trails, easy and difficult treks. Children can have fun on the playground or try the children’s ferrata. Experience the adventure of flying or paradigling and enjoy the view of the lake.

On this link you will find up-to-date information about the cable car and the Rofan Mountains.

Peak Zwölferkopf

Zwölferkopf is part of the Karwendel mountain range, which flanks the Achensee along its western shore. If you want to enjoy some of the best views of the lake, Zwölferkopf is a safe bet.

Achensee Tyrol

The Karwendel Bergbahn cable car from Pertisau will take you to the top. There are kilometres of cycle paths and easy hiking trails around the cable car – the most popular one leads to the Bärenbadalm hut and is suitable for families.

☞ Read the detailed Achensee guide in the previous article.

Where to stay near Achensee

When you book these hotels, you will receive a free Achensee Card on arrival, which includes free use of local transport and various discounts on attractions in the area (valid from May to October).

You can buy the Achensee Holiday Card for €94 (child rate €47), which gives you free cable cars, tubing, museums and cruises.

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8. Lake Plansee – things to do in Tyrol

Lake Plansee is the second largest lake in Tyrol and the ideal place for those who want to combine swimming with hiking. It can be found near the village of Reutte in the Ammergau Alps at an altitude of 980 m between the Zwiesel and Spießberg mountains. It is fed by the Heiterwangersee lake, which lies just a little higher up.

Take a dip in the crystal clear water, go boating or follow one of the hiking trails in the area.

Things to do at Plansee

Highline suspension bridge 179

One of the biggest attractions around the Plansee is the Highline 179 suspension bridge, which can be found in Reutte just a short distance from the lake. It connects the ruins of Ehrenberg and Claudia Fortress.

The bridge is located at a height of 114 metres and is 406 metres long. Thanks to this, it earned its entry into the Guinness Book of Records as the longest suspension bridge in Tibetan style. For more information on opening hours and price of admission to Highline 179, visit the official website.

Tyrol Highline 179

Peak Hahnenkamm

The summit of Hahnenkamm (1938 m) lies east of Reutte, just a quarter of an hour from the lake. The summit can be reached on foot or by cable car. At the top station of the cable car you will find a panoramic restaurant with a children’s playground and plenty of easy and climbing routes with spectacular views.

Free parking is available at the bottom station of the cable car. You can find the current opening hours and price of the cable car on this link.

Hahnenkamm Reutte Tirol


Vilsalpsee is one of the most beautiful lakes in Tyrol, with crystal clear water and surrounded by majestic mountains. The lake can be partly circumnavigated by an easy trail, there is a mountain hut for refreshments and beautiful hiking trails in the area. The most popular route is the trail to Lake Traualpsee and the Landsberger Hütte (2.5 hours from Vilsalpsee).

Vilsalpsee Tyrol

There is a car park a short walk from the Vilsalpsee, but this is only accessible between 8:00-17:00. Between these times, the car park is gated and you cannot enter or leave the car park. If you don’t plan to spend the whole day around the lake, park at the Tannheim car park, about 40 minutes away, where you can walk or take the tourist train.

Stuiben Waterfalls

The Stuiben Waterfalls are one of the other easy hikes in Tyrol where you can go with smaller children. The trail with footbridges and bridges runs around a mountain stream, on which smaller cascading waterfalls form. In the summer, pack your swimsuit.

The waterfalls can be reached from the free parking lot near Plansee (you can find the parking lot marked on the map at the end of this article). The car park is also a good starting point for exploring the surrounding area – you can hike to the other side of the waterfalls on an unmarked trail up to the top of the Tauernberg (a hike of about 1.5 hours), from where there are fantastic views of Lake Plansee wedged between the mountains.

Peak of the Zugspitze

The Zugspitze peak (2962 m) is located right on the border with Germany, just half an hour from Reutte. It is the highest peak in Germany and thus also in the Bavarian Alps. You can take the cable car up from Obermoos.

The Zugspitze is reached by a modern cable car, from which you can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding Alpine peaks. For more information about the cable car, see here.

Zugspitze Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle and waterfalls on the Lech River

We’ll visit Germany for a while, as the waterfalls on the Lech River and the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle are only 20 minutes away from Reutte. The best time to visit the waterfalls is after winter, when the river has a huge amount of water.

Waterfalls on the Lech River near Füssen
Waterfalls on the Lech River near Füssen
Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle

9. High Tauern – the most beautiful places in Tyrol

The Hohe Tauern National Park forms the backbone of the Austrian Alps and straddles several regions, some of which are part of the Tyrol.

Immerse yourself in unspoilt alpine nature with steep peaks, cascading waterfalls and lush meadows.Enjoy a hike on one of the trails and take a drive along the alpine road for a fantastic view of the Grossglockner, Austria’s highest peak.

Below you will find tips for hikes in the Hohe Tauern, which are located in the Tyrol. If you are interested in more, see the separate article on what to visit in the Hohe Tauern.

Things to do in the Hohe Tauern

Dabakklamm gorge

Dabakklamm is located in the Dorfertal valley north of Kals am Grossglockner. It will take you through the beautiful countryside around the Kalserbach mountain stream, which is the cradle of the Hohe Tauern.

The journey through the gorge is not difficult and even children can manage it without any problems. The gorge is open from the beginning of June to mid-October.

Dorfertal Hohe Tauern hiking

Gschlösstal Valley and Schlatenkees Glacier

Do you want to see the best of the Hohe Tauern National Park? Head to the Gschlösstal valley to the Schlatenkees glacier in the west of the Hohe Tauern. When you visit the valley, you will understand why it is called the “Royal Valley of the Eastern Alps”.

A beautiful valley with traditional wooden houses, surrounded by majestic peaks including the Großvenediger, the highest peak of the Venediger. The dominant feature is the Schlatenkees glacier, which winds between the peaks into the valley.

Gschlösstal Valley and Schlatenkees Glacier
Gschlösstal Valley and Schlatenkees Glacier

Jagdhausalmen settlement

At the end of the Defereggental valley in East Tyrol lies the oldest mountain village in Austria – Jagdhausalmen. It consists of 15 stone huts and 1 chapel, which are scattered in the picturesque landscape and will transport you to the Tibetan area in no time.

In the past, the cottages were used by settlers as a summer retreat and the local pastures for their cattle. Today, the huts are used for storage, but you can also have refreshments here.

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Jagdhausalmen Hohe Tauern Austria

Hotels High Tauren 😴

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When to visit Tyrol?

Weather-wise, the best time for hiking in the Tyrolean Alps is June to September, just watch out for snowfields in June, especially on the northern slopes.

From June onwards, the alpine meadows bloom beautifully, but at the same time, thunderstorms are more frequent in the afternoon in June and July. August tends to be the busiest month, but you will feel it especially near cable cars and other exposed places. On the hiking trails, the number of hikers will spread out.

In September, the weather is at its most settled, and when the weather is good, you have the chance to experience some really far-reaching views.

☞ Get inspired by the most beautiful places in Austria.

Tyrol, Austria – map

HOW TO USE THIS MAP: Above you will find a detailed map of the best things to do in Tyrol, Austria. Click at the top left of the map to see separate layers with highlighted locations. You can hide and show the different layers or click on the icons on the map to see the names of the places I mention in the guide to things to do in Tyrol. If you want to save the map, star it. For a larger version, click on the icon in the upper right corner.

What to taste in Tyrol?

Tyrol is known not only for its beautiful landscapes, but also for its rich and varied cuisine, which will give you plenty of energy for a visit to the mountains. Here are some of the traditional dishes that you should try if you go on a trip to Tyrol:

  • Tiroler Gröstl: This dish is a classic Tyrolean delicacy. It is a mixture of potatoes, onions, beef and sometimes bacon, served with an egg on top.
  • Speckknödel: Tyrol is famous for its dumplings and one of the most famous are the Speckknödel. These are made of bread, milk, eggs and bacon cubes (speck). They are served as a separate dish or as a side dish with meat.
  • Käsespätzle: Tyrolean version of macaroni and cheese. Spätzle are small, handmade noodles that are mixed with cheese and served with roasted onions on top.
  • Schlutzkrapfen: The Tyrolean version of ravioli – small bags of dough are filled with various fillings such as spinach and ricotta, then cooked and served with butter and parmesan cheese.
  • Apfelstrudel: Apfelstrudel is a pastry filled with chopped apples, raisins, cinnamon and sugar, baked until golden and served with vanilla sauce or whipped cream.
  • Kaiserschmarrn: A torn pancake that is usually fried with raisins and then dusted with powdered sugar. It is often served with plum compote or apple puree.
  • Zillertaler Krapfen: This is a traditional Tyrolean delicacy from the Zillertal region, which is filled with cheese and potatoes and then fried.
  • Strauben: Sweet pastry fried in oil with cranberry sauce and dusted with icing sugar.

This was our travel guide and the best things to do in Tyrol, Austria. Do you have a question? We’ll be happy to answer it in the comments below. Have a safe journey!

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