36 Best Things to do in Slovakia: Top Places to visit (+ map)

kam na slovensku / nejkrásnější místa slovenska

Looking for top places to visit in Slovakia? Check out the best things to do in Slovakia.

Table of content
  1. Why visit Slovakia?
  2. Best Things to do in Slovakia: Top places to visit
  3. Things to do in Slovakia – map
  4. More information about Slovakia
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Why visit Slovakia?

It is almost unbelievable that Slovakia does not enjoy more tourist interest. Not counting us Czechs and Poles. 🙂 For a small country, it offers more than enough.

Did you know that:

  • in Slovakia you can find the smallest mountains in the world?
  • is one of the best countries for hiking all year round?
  • the first electrically lit caves in Europe?
  • there are as many as 2,500 caves, some of which are on the UNESCO list?
  • in Slovakia built the largest castle in Central Europe?
  • the largest belt of native beech and fir forests in Europe stretches across Slovakia?
  • nine areas have been declared national parks because of their unique character?

Best Things to do in Slovakia: Top places to visit

1. High Tatras – things to do in Slovakia

The High Tatras are the highest mountain range of the Carpathian arch stretching from Moravia, through Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania and Serbia, and the only alpine mountain range in the Carpathians.

The Tatra region is part of the Tatra National Park, the oldest and largest national park in Slovakia. It is divided into the more touristic Eastern Tatras and the much quieter Western Tatras.

Štrbské pleso tatras / things to do in slovakia
Štrbské pleso has a great starting position for many hiking trails.

Go for an easy walk to the Popradský or Zelený pleso or enjoy a day hike to the Koprovský Peak, Téry’s hut, or to the Téry Chalet. take the cable car to Lomnicky Peak with breathtaking views.

We have written a separate guide for the High Tatras, where you will find many tips for easy routes and day hikes, especially in the eastern part of the Tatras. The article also includes a map with marked routes for easier planning of holidays in the High Tatras.

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koprovský štít things to do in slovakia
The views from Koprovský štít were, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful.

The Western Tatras are on average 400 metres lower in altitude, but they will get you with their beautiful ridge routes. A nice easy route leads to the Roháčské pleso or enjoy the views from the peaks of Sivý vrch, Bystrá, Rákoň and Volovec.

More information: Read the detailed travel guide to the High Tatras (things to do and hiking trails, transport and parking in the area and other useful tips).

things to do in Slovakia
Roháčské pleso

2. Kežmarok

Kežmarok is one of the most beautiful towns in Slovakia, with a beautifully preserved historic core made up of typical Spiš houses with shingle roofs.

The town is famous for its Gothic castle, which hosts many cultural events and exhibitions.

kežmarok things to do in slovakia

The Church of the Holy Trinity is a wooden church with the oldest organ in Slovakia, which is also a UNESCO monument. Adjacent to it is the New Evangelical Church with a striking red facade.

From Kežmarok it is only 20 minutes by car to Tatranská Lomnica, which is one of the main resorts in the High Tatras. From there you can take the cable car to Lomnický štít or walk to Zelené pleso.

3. Low Tatras

When you say mountains in Slovakia, most people think of the High Tatras. But have you tried the Low ones? If you love hiking, in Low Tatras you’ll find your own.

Especially the ridge across the Low Tatras is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful routes in Europe. And you don’t even have to go through the whole thing. Even part of it will offer you breathtaking views.

Things to do in Slovakia - Low Tatras
Things to do in Slovakia - Low Tatras

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The Demänovská valley and the Chopok peak are a great starting point for many routes. From here you can go to the highest peak of the Low Tatras, Ďumbier, or to an easy ridge in the direction of Dereše.

You will also enjoy Demänovská jeskyně Svobody, from where you can continue to the top of Královská hole. Here you will find beautiful views with only a minimum of people.

More information: Read the detailed travel guide to the Low Tatras (things to do and hiking trails, transport and parking in the area and other useful tips).

Things to do in Slovakia - Low Tatras

4. Liptovská Mara – things to do in Slovakia

Liptovská Mara is the largest dam in Slovakia, located on the Váh River near the popular resort of Liptovský Mikuláš. It is literally surrounded on all sides by several mountain ranges – the High Tatras, the Low Tatras and the Choč Mountains.

Liptovská Mara from the viewpoint Čereňová skála
Liptovská Mara from the viewpoint Čereňová skála

The dam is flanked by smaller beaches, and you can rent boats or take a steamboat ride across the dam.

The area around the dam is called Liptov – it is a beautiful mountain environment with a traditional Slovak atmosphere, which is an ideal starting point for a variety of excursions.

Just down the road, they built the famous water park Tatralandia. It’s huge, and the attractions… …you’ll be entertained for the whole day.

liptovska mara slovakia

With your children, visit the local contact zoo, where you can admire and pet small tigers, zebras, llamas, rabbits, camels, eagles, owls and more. A few minutes away from the zoo stands the House of the Upside Down – Heliport. As its name suggests, you will experience what it is like to live upside down.

You can visit the nearby spa in Bešeňová or Lúčky, where there is a beautiful waterfall. You can stretch your legs during a hike up to Liptovský hrad, where you will have the surroundings in the palm of your hand.

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waterfall lúčky liptov
Waterfall Lúčky

5. Orava Castle

Orava Castle is one of the most beautiful and most visited castles in Slovakia, which rises on a steep rock outcrop above the Orava River.

The history of the castle dates back to the 13th century and served various purposes, from a royal fortress to a district seat. There are several tours to choose from, providing a tour of the historic chambers, mysterious corridors and extensive collections.

What’s more, thanks to the castle’s location, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding rolling countryside.

oravský hrad slovakia

6. Bešeňova – things to do in Slovakia

Bešeňová is a spa and thermal baths from Celtic times, located in the beautiful landscape of Liptov between the Choč Mountains and the Low Tatras. You can enjoy plenty of fun and relaxation in the year-round aquapark and thermal swimming pool with outdoor and indoor pools.

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Aquapark Bešeňová

Bešeňová is an ideal starting point for many excursions in the area. You can take a boat ride on the largest Slovak reservoir Liptovská Mara, visit the unique village of Vlkolínec or climb one of the peaks in the limestone mountains Chočské vrchy (and maybe the highest one – Velká Choč).

vlkolínec things to do in slovakia

7. Little Fatra

National park Mala Fatra is a place full of beautiful views, rock formations, gorges and gorges, where you can enjoy both easy routes suitable for children and all-day hikes.

things to do in slovakia mala fatra

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In addition, you will also find the most beautiful peak in Slovakia – Velky Rozsutec (1610 m). If you are looking for peaks with easier ascent, try Velký Kriváň or Chleb.

Other beautiful places include the Jánošikovy hole gorge system, Šútovský waterfall and Vrátná valley.

More information: Read the detailed travel guide to Mala Fatra (things to do and hiking trails, transport and parking in the area and other useful tips).

jánošíkovy diery slovakia
Jánošíkovy diery

8. Rájecké Teplice

Rájecké Teplice is a popular spa between the Strážov Hills and the Little Fatra Mountains. They are situated in the valley of the Rajčianka river. The local thermal springs have beneficial effects on the nervous system, musculoskeletal system and occupational diseases.

The centre of the spa is the Aphrodite Spa House with its water and sauna world, around which the spa park extends.

rajecké teplice slovakia

And where to go on a trip to the area? Try a short walk to the viewpoint directly above the spa or a short walk further to the White Rock. There is also a great walk through the nature reserve Slnečne skaly, where a nature trail leads directly from Rájecké Teplice (about 2 hours). A short distance away is Budatín Castle or Strečno Castle or the beautiful Súlovské Rocks.

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castle strečno rájecké teplice things to do in slovakia
Strečno Castle

9. Great Fatra

Great Fatra (Velká Fatra) is a mountain range and largely a national park dominated by deep forests, caves, rock overhangs and a ridge route full of pastures and beautiful views. Apart from the most popular tourist spots, you often don’t see a single living thing here.

big fatra slovakia

You can just walk in the local forests and occasionally climb one of the peaks and enjoy the landscape – for views try the peaks of Ostredok, Frčkov, Lysec, Ploská, Čierny kameň or Zvolen. And how about exploring the bowels of Veľká Fatra – Harmanecká Cave, where you can admire the stalactite decoration?

big fatra slovakia

10. Turčianske Teplice

At the foot of the Velká Fatra Mountains lies Turčianske Teplice, one of the oldest spas, which attracts with its spa area, historic buildings, pure nature in combination with the healing effects of local springs.

turcianske teplice things to do in slovakia
Spa park with unusual benches in Turčianske Teplice

A number of hiking trails lead directly from the spa to the Great Fatra, a mountain range that will absolutely blow you away with its limestone peaks and formations in combination with deep forests.

One of the best excursions in the area is the Harmanecká Cave, a stalactite cave just 20 minutes by car from Turčianske Teplice.

Harmanecká Cave
Harmanecká Cave

Take a day hike to the top of Drienok or go a little higher to the village of Blatnica. Several routes lead from here. With children, the Gaderská dolina is ideal after the yellow trail, which leads past small mills to the Devil’s Gate. Or turn left right at the beginning and you will reach Blatnická Castle.

A more demanding circular route, but with wonderful views, awaits you from the Gaderovská valley over the peaks of Tlstá, Lubená and Ostrá. Here you will feel like you are in the Dolomites for a while.

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11. Bojnice – things to do in Slovakia

Bojnice is situated on the Nitra River at the foot of the Strážov Hills. It is a spa town where they specialize mainly in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.

Here you will find the most beautiful castle in Slovakia – Bojnice Castle. You can take your children to the House of Illusions, the Mirror Maze, the ZOO, the thermal swimming pool or take a ride on the local train.

bojnice castle slovakia

Bojnice and its surroundings will be at your fingertips from the Čajka v oblacích lookout tower. You can experience a beautiful view from the Bojnice Calvary towards Šútovce.

Lookout tower Čajka in the clouds

12. The rocks of Sulov

The rocks of Sulov are exactly the kind of place that most people fall in love with. Romantic nooks and crannies among the rocks, ravines and viewpoints that will give you a view of the surrounding landscape. Moreover, they are almost beyond Czech borders.

sulov rocks where to go in slovakia
sulov rocks where to go in slovakia
Gothic Gate

The ideal starting point is the heart of the Súlovské Rocks – the village of Súlov-Hradná. There are also hiking trails leading from the surrounding villages, such as Hlboké nad Váhom, Jablonové or Podhorie.

The rocks of Sulov are not large. A weekend is enough to discover places such as Sulov Castle, Gothic Gate, Brada Saddle, Roháčské sedlo, Štefánikova vyhlídka and in the vicinity of Záskalie Kostolecký Dóm, Manínská gorge and Partizánská jaskyňa.

sulov rocks where to go in slovakia

13. Piešt’any – where to go to the spa in Slovakia

Piešt’any Spa is the most easily accessible spa in the Czech Republic. The local mud from the Váh River is unique in its composition and helps nourish cartilage and muscles, so if you want to enjoy the mud sulphur baths, head to Piešt’any.

There is also an outdoor thermal swimming pool with an indoor pool. You can practice water sports on the nearby Slňava lake or just stroll with a cup through the spa promenade and park.

piestany slovakia

For cyclists and hikers, the neighbouring highlands of Považský Inovec are a paradise. You can go to the ruins of Beckov or Tematín castles, to the freely accessible stalactite cave Čertova pec or to the lookout tower on Marhát Hill.

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beckov castle piešt'any
Ruins of Beckov Castle

14. Slovak Paradise

The Slovak Paradise is a region full of gorges, canyons, high waterfalls, wild greenery, dense forests and places that can only be reached by ladders, footbridges and chains. In some places you will really sweat. It’s a place popular with families with bigger children and those who love ferrata.

things to do in Slovakia

Things to do in the Slovak Paradise

  • Suchá Bela Canyon is one of the most beautiful canyons in the Slovak Paradise (see photos above). On the other hand, it is also the most visited.
  • Dobšinská Ice Cave is the largest ice cave in Slovakia and one of the most beautiful in the world.
  • The rock outcrop Tomášovský výhled is a kind of Slovak Preikestolen. The easiest way to get here from Spišské Tomášovce is to take the green trail.
  • The longest gorge in Slovakia, the Prielom Hornádu, is accessible from Spišské Tomášovce or Letanovce along the nature trail.
  • The ruins of the Carthusian monastery Kláštorisko, which can be reached from Letanovce over the Carthusian Bridge.
  • Havraní skála, a place with a great view, which you can reach from Stratená along the green (more demanding) or yellow hiking trail.
things to do in Slovakia
Tomášovský vista

15. Bratislava – best things to do in Slovakia

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, combines historical monuments with modern life. Don’t miss a visit to Bratislava Castle, the Old Town and modern art at the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum. For a good meal, go to the Old Market Hall.

bratislava where to go in slovakia

In summer, enjoy swimming in the natural lake Zlaté piesky. All year round you can go hiking in the protected area of the Malé Karpaty Mountains, which stretches from the outskirts of Bratislava to the north. The mountains are full of hiking and cycling trails. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the rolling hills of the Little Carpathians, for example from the top of Vysoká.

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16. Levoča – Spišské Podhradie

The area between Levoča and Spišské Podhradie will delight lovers of culture and nature. The town of Levoča itself has a beautiful historical centre with the Church of St. James, which houses the highest wooden Gothic altar in the world.

levoca slovakia

Just a short distance away lies the town of Spišské Podhradie with the famous Spiš Castle, which is the largest in Slovakia and Central Europe. Directly from the castle, a scenic trail leads through the rock town to the top of Drevenik.

Spišská Kapitula with St. Martin’s Cathedral is also worth a visit. And if you want to see a piece of beautiful Slovak nature, head north to the Levoča Mountains or south to the Slovak Paradise.

spiš castle things to do in slovakia
Spiš Castle
spiš castle things to do in slovakia

17. Pieniny National Park

Pieniny National Park is small in size, but lovers of beautiful nature will definitely find something to do here. Just imagine it – a limestone mountain range with lots of rock lookouts from which you will have beautiful views of Pieniny, the Red Cloister and the nearby Tatras.

np pieniny / things to do in Slovakia

The park is located on the border with Poland, where the most interesting part of the Pieniny Mountains also extends. The imaginary centre of the area is Červený Kláštor, around which the crystal clear river Dunajec flows.

Things to do around Pieniny National Park

  • Ascent along the ridge to the top of Durbaszka from the village of Veľký Lipník from Lesnický sedlo
  • The route to the Cerla saddle from Červený Kláštor, from where you will have a great view of the Three Crowns and Seven Monks massif in Poland.
  • Climb over the most popular peaks of the Three Crowns and Sokolica on the blue trail from the village of Krościenko nad Dunajcem (symbolically charged, but the ticket is valid for both rock viewpoints at the same time).
  • Forestry saddle with paid parking, from where there are beautiful views. Starting position to climb to the top of Šľachovka on the border with Poland on the yellow trail.
  • Haligovské skály (Haligovské rocks) near the village of Haligovce along the green tourist trail
np pieniny / things to do in Slovakia

The biggest attraction for paddlers is the Dunajec River, which partly follows the border with Poland. It is one of the most beautiful waterways in Slovakia. But even if you don’t like rafting, you can take a ride along the river with guides (rafters) in costumes who will show you the highlights of the national park.

For culture, head to the impressive Ľubovniansky Castle and the local open-air museum.

18. Modra wine region

Modra is an area where you can walk through the vineyards and taste the local wines. It is the only mountain winery in Slovakia, which can be found at the foot of the Little Carpathians.

There are many points of interest in the surrounding area. Apart from the already mentioned beautiful nature of the Small Carpathians, you can take a trip to the historical Trnava or to Bratislava on the other side. In summer, try swimming in the Sun Lakes near Senec (see below).

trnava slovakia
Trnava is located near the Modra wine region.

19. Slnečná Lakes – where to go for water in Slovakia

Slnečná jezera (Sunny Lakes) are natural lakes with clear water, grassy beaches and a gradual entry into the water. You can find them in the village of Senec near Bratislava.

sunny lakes slovakia

The northern part is ideal for those who want to have fun. You’ll find more peace and quiet in the south, although it can get busy in high season. There is a promenade around the lake, which is great for bikes and skates. The lakes also have a wide range of facilities, including a number of restaurants, kiosks and shops.

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20. Trencianske Teplice – where to go to spa in Slovakia

Trenčianske Teplice is the oldest spa in Slovakia, located in the heart of the Strážovské hory Mountains, making it easily accessible from the Czech Republic. They are known for their sulphuric thermal springs, which are used mainly for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.

Enjoy a stroll through the spa colonnade or visit the Hammam, a Moorish-style spa.

Trencianske Teplice spa in Slovakia

21. Patince and Komárno

The small village of Patince is located in the south of Slovakia in the Danube Plain near Hungary, the area with the longest sunshine and highest measured temperatures. The main attraction is the local complex of swimming pools, which use water from a thermal well. It has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system.

For a wellness and relaxing holiday in the resort by the water you will find everything – relaxation pool, massage water beds, massages, massage water cannons, Finnish saunas, cooling pool, children’s pool with attractions and much more.

patince spa

The thermal swimming pool consists of a swimming pool, a sports pool, a recreational pool and a children’s pool with a water slide.

Just a short distance away, they have built an artificial lake that is ideal for water sports, water biking and fishing. There are also volleyball courts, mini golf and tennis courts.

Just 15 km from Patince is the village of Komárno with another thermal swimming pool. While you’re here, don’t miss the city itself with the Courtyard of Europe, where each building is built in different architectural styles according to the different European countries (Holland, Spain, Hungary and many more).

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Courtyard of Europe in Komárno
Courtyard of Europe in Komárno

22. Podhajska

Podhájska Spa is located north of Patince Spa in the Podunajská hills. The thermal swimming pool consists of a total of 9 pools, water slides and a paddling pool for smaller children. It bears the nickname “Slovak Sea”.

The composition of the water is similar to that of the Dead Sea. Its use is wide (respiratory tract, joint pain, vascular diseases, cosmetic treatments and others).

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23. Slovak Karst

The Slovak Karst is a breathtaking national park consisting of 5 plains with steep rocky slopes and deep valleys. Getting to these plains can be quite a chore at times, but it’s worth it. The most visited is Silická planina.

When visiting the Slovak Karst, do not miss the Zádiel Canyon, which is the largest canyon in the entire Slovak Karst with its depth of 400 m. The best view is from the top of Zádielský kameň.

slovak karst where to go in slovakia
Zadiel Canyon

The main spectacle of the Slovak Karst takes place underground – up to 1,300 caves and sinkholes, where even in summer you can’t do without a winter jacket. Do not go to the plains without a good supply of water and preferably outside the summer months.

Among the caves in the Slovak Karst are:

  • Krásnohorská cave, where you get a helmet, overalls and a torch and literally penetrate into the bowels of the underground. You will be treated to a 34 m long stalagmite, one of the largest in the world.
  • The Domica Cave with an important system of underground waters, where part of the route is covered by boats. It is one of the most beautiful stalactite caves in Europe.
  • Gombasecká Cave, which is called “fairy-tale”. It is unique for its colourfulness and up to 3 m long thin sinter straws. The cave is connected to the glacial abyss Silická Lednice.
Domica Cave in the Slovak Karst
Domica Cave in the Slovak Karst

24. CHKO Vihorlat and Zemplínská šírava

The Vihorlat Protected Landscape Area is part of the Vihorlat Hills and is adjacent to the military district, which is already accessible by marked routes. It is an area bearing traces of former volcanic activity, which will take you through beech forests and wooden churches, many of which are under UNESCO protection.

If you’re looking for a quiet location without crowds, you’ll love it here (except for a few select spots).

chko vihorlat

The most popular spot is the crystal clear Morské oko lake, which can be reached after 15 minutes by a well-maintained route from the paid parking lot in the direction of Remetská Hámre.

You can go around the lake and continue to the top of Sninský kameň, which offers a beautiful view of the lake and the surrounding landscape of the Vihorlat Hills. And if you have more time, take it via the Little Sea Eye pond.

The Zemplínská šírava reservoir is an ideal starting point for exploring eastern Slovakia. The water here is beautifully warm in summer (around 25 degrees). You can rent a boat or go to the ruins of Vinenské Castle, where you will have the dam in the palm of your hand.

Zemplínská šírava

25. Poloniny National Park

In the very east of Slovakia lies the Poloniny National Park, which is part of the UNESCO-listed Eastern Carpathians Biosphere Reserve. This is the place to see the Milky Way for yourself.

Its sign is the Poloniny, wild mountain meadows on the ridges that surround the largest beech and fir forests in Europe. Scattered throughout the area are orthodox, wooden churches built without a single nail.

poloniny national park

In Poloniny National Park, you can just wander in the deep, quiet forests, where you may encounter more wolves and bears than other visitors. And bison, because Polonina National Park is the last area where you will come across wild bison.

During your exploration, do not miss the climb to the top of Riaba Skala via the Ďurkovec saddle or the highest peak and the easternmost point – Kremenec.

St. Archangel Michael in Uličská Krivá
Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Uličská Krivá

More information: See more tips on where to go to the mountains and nature in Slovakia.

26. Košice

Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia and one of the most beautiful. The dominant feature of the city is St. Elizabeth Cathedral in the Main Square with its singing fountain and Urban Tower. Just behind it is the beautiful St. Michael’s Church with a park and the East Slovak Gallery.

things to do in slovakia

All you have to do is walk through Košice and admire it. The city has the largest concentration of historical monuments in Slovakia.

On the first Sunday in October, the oldest marathon in Europe (and the second oldest in the world) takes place here – the Košice Peace Marathon.

things to do in slovakia

27. Banská Štiavnica

Banská Štiavnica is a historic town with a number of silver and gold mines in its surroundings. Thanks to its geological and architectural character, the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Banská Štiavnica where to go in Slovakia

During your visit, do not miss the Old and New Chateau and the old Calvary on the hill of the same name directly above the town.

The city has been declared a City of Culture in 2019. This is a guarantee that culturally you will definitely not be bored here.

Banská Štiavnica is located in the middle of the protected area of the Štiavnica Hills. You can take a trip to the top of Zlatý vrch or the ruins of Sitno Castle directly from Banská Štiavnica.

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new castle banská stiavnica
New castle in Banská Štiavnica

28. Bardejov – things to do in Slovakia

We’re going to the finals. The town of Bardejov is located in the east of Slovakia in the Prešov Region. It will entertain you especially with its beautiful architecture on the Town Hall Square with the Basilica of St. The fortifications of the city are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

bardejov things to do in slovakia

Not far from Bardejov in the village of Hervartov you will find another UNESCO monument – the oldest and best preserved wooden church of St. Francis of Assisi in Slovakia. After you have seen the church, continue on foot along the red trail to the Žobrák lookout tower. Not only will you get to know a piece of the unspoilt landscape of the Čergov Mountains, but you will also have the surroundings in the palm of your hand.

You can visit the Bardejov Spa, which is also accessible on foot directly from Bardejov (just over an hour away). A short walk from the spa is the Museum of Folk Architecture.

the church of saint francis of assisi in slovakia

Things to do in Slovakia – map

HOW TO USE THIS MAP: Above you will find a detailed map of the best things to do in Slovakia Click at the top left of the map to see separate layers with highlighted locations. You can hide and show the different layers or click on the icons on the map to see the names of the places mentioned in the Slovakia guide. If you want to save the map, star it. For a larger version, click on the icon in the upper right corner.

These are our 36 tips for best places to visit in Slovakia. What are your tips on things to do in Slovakia? Do you have a question? We’ll be happy to answer it in the comments below. Have a safe journey!

More information about Slovakia

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Summary of the article: Things to do in Slovakia

Where to go to the nature in Slovakia?

Slovakia is a tourist paradise. Beautiful mountains, unspoilt national parks and hundreds of kilometres of hiking and cycling trails. Enjoy the views from the High Tatras, Low Tatras or Malá Fatra and discover the untamed landscape of the Slovak Paradise or the Slovak Karst. In the article we share even more tips including a map and photos.

Where to go for water in Slovakia?

The Sun Lakes will make you feel like you’re at the sea. Or visit one of the complexes of thermal pools – for example Podhájská, Patince, Komárno, Bešeňová.

What are the most beautiful cities in Slovakia?

Among the most beautiful cities in Slovakia are Bratislava, Košice, Kežmarok and Levoča. Slovakia also has beautiful monumental castles, which have been preserved in excellent condition.

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