18 Things to do in the High Tatras, Slovakia: Best hikes (+ map)

Travel guide for the High Tatras, where you can learn all the essentials before your holiday in the High Tatras:

  • travel tips for the High Tatras
  • where to stay in the High Tatras
  • when to visit High Tatras,
  • tips for hikes and the most beautiful places in the High Tatras – tips for easy and more demanding hikes and routes.

Easy trails, where you can go even with small children, but also high mountain hikes, where you will be cursing during the journey, what you have gotten yourself into again and at the end you will enjoy the reward in the form of breathtaking views. Welcome to the High Tatras.

High Tatras

The High Tatras are the highest mountain range in Slovakia and Poland, which is also the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains. They cover an area of 341 km2, 260 km2 belonging to Slovakia.

Due to their small size, they are called the smallest mountains in the world. It is the smallest, but still rich in the most beautiful places, lakes, waterfalls, peaks with magnificent views and a detailed network of hiking trails, thanks to which you can explore the High Tatras through and through.

The High Tatras are also part of the Tatra National Park, where it is necessary to follow the marked trails and not to disturb the local environment by your behaviour.

High Tatras hiking

You can go hiking in the High Tatras all year round. Whether it’s summer or winter, there are always viable hiking trails. The higher routes are usually only accessible in the summer season – in 2024 they are open from 1st June to 31th October.

Outside this period, the peaks and high saddles are inaccessible and you have to postpone the climb to Kriváň, Koprovský štít or Rysy until next summer. All year round there are accessible routes to tourist huts (the exception is Chata pod Rysmi) and less demanding routes at lower altitudes.

The High Tatras are part of the Tatra National Park, where we have to follow the signs and behave in such a way that we do not disturb the local environment (do not throw away garbage, including paper handkerchiefs, do not descend from the marked trails, etc.).

It is best to start hiking early in the morning when the weather is most stable. There is a greater risk of thunderstorms in the afternoon. If you get caught in a storm along the way, try to descend into the valley as quickly as possible, stay away from isolated objects, drop your hiking poles and crouch on the ground (don’t lie down).

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Things to do in High Tatras: Best hikes

I have divided the tips for hiking routes and trips into two parts. The first part is ideal for those who are looking for easy routes where they can go with their children. The second part will satisfy all those who want to give themselves a good beating or step on one of the shields.

Difficulty is calculated in the outward direction unless otherwise stated. The time is only approximate and if you have a little bit of fitness, you will be at the finish line faster.

Easy routes in the High Tatras

  1. Štrbské pleso
  2. Cottage under Solisko
  3. Popradské pleso
  4. Waterfall Jump
  5. Hrebienok – Rainerova chata
  6. Rocky Mountains
  7. Lomnicky Peak
  8. Green lake
  9. Belianska Cave

1. Štrbské Pleso 

Štrbské pleso (1 344 m) is probably the most visited place in the Tatras. And, unfortunately, you can see it too. Masses of people, stalls everywhere. It reminded me a bit of a pilgrimage at times. But the walk around the lake is beautiful. Comfortable and ideal even with small children. Paradoxically, there were the fewest people at the ball.

Štrbské pleso / things to do in the High Tatras

You can rent a boat and take a ride directly on the beach with a view of the Tatra peaks. A 40-minute ride in a smaller boat for 3 people will cost you €22.

Štrbské pleso is an ideal base for other tours, which we will talk about in a moment. Štrbské pleso can be easily reached by car, tram or cable car from Tatranská Štrba.

Not far from Štrbské Pleso is the Tower of Dreams, which is the highest tower in the Tatras at an altitude of 1,413 m. You can reach it with a stroller or smaller children. From the top you can go down the slide. Admission is €13, reduced under 18 €9 and free for children under 3.

For delicious Slovak halušky you can visit the local koliba. There are plenty of restaurants around Štrbské Pleso, but this one is the best in our opinion. Or Cottage pod Soliskom near the upper station of the cable car to Predné Solisko, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Tatras.

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2. Chata pod Soliskom 

The most comfortable way to reach the mountain chalet pod Soliskom (1 840 m) is by cable car. The Štrbské pleso – Solisko cable car costs 11 € in the up direction and 9 € in the down direction. The return ticket is discounted for 15 €. You can get on the cable car behind Štrbské pleso above the ski jumps.

The second option is to get to the Cottage pod Soliskom on foot. The moderately demanding trail starts on the left side of Štrbské Pleso, where you will follow the blue hiking trail that will take you through the Furkot valley. On your right you will see a chairlift.

From the hut you can run up the red trail 250 metres directly to the top of Predné Solisko ( 2117 m). It will take you about half an hour.

Priedne Solisko / Solisko / cottage under Solisko / High Tatras

3. Popradské Pleso 

One of the most accessible and most beautiful places in the High Tatras is Popradské pleso at an altitude of 1 511 m.

From Štrbské Pleso you can get here by the red marked Tatra Highway – the nature trail Cesta lesom medzi Plesom a plesom. Red splits into red and green at one point, but even though both lead to the Poprad Ball, stay true to red. It will reward you with better views.

Popradské pleso High Tatras

At the Popradské pleso you can refresh yourself in Majláta’s cottage or in the Cottage at Popradské pleso.

Popradské pleso High Tatras

The next route to the Popradské pleso starts at the TEŽ Popradské pleso station (the tram stops here or there is a car park). From here you take the blue asphalt road, which is ideal for strollers.

At the Popradská polana signpost you can turn right along the yellow line to the symbolic cemetery of the victims of the Tatras – the Symbolic Cemetery.

4. Waterfall Jump 

The hike to the waterfall Skok (1 754 m) starts at Štrbské pleso. Take the yellow trail to the right of the lake. It will lead you through the Mlynická valley directly to the waterfall.

waterfall Skok High Tatras

If you don’t have enough, you can continue along the yellow trail to the Bystrá lávka (2,300 m) around Capie pleso. You’ll just sweat a lot more on this route. The route from the waterfall Skok to Bystrá lávka is only accessible from 1st June to 31th October 2024.

5. Hrebienok – Rainerova chata

We continue towards the east of the Tatras. From Starý Smokovec the route leads to Hrebienok, where Bilík’s cottage is located a little higher.

Hrebienok is a popular resort at an altitude of 1,272 m at the foot of Slavkovský štít. In winter, there is a cog railway run and you can reach many beautiful places from here on easy and all-day more demanding routes. Na jídlo doporučuju vyzkoušet jednu z horských chat – Bilíkovu, Rainerovu i Zamkovského.

How to get to Hrebienok

The easiest way to get to Hrebienok is by funicular from Starý Smokovec. The price for the cable car to Hrebienok is 15 € for the return trip (or 13 € up and 12 € down).

You can also reach Hrebienok on foot by following the green tourist trail that leads to the right of the cable car. Further to the right of the trail is a cycle path, which is slightly longer but more accessible even with a stroller.

In the winter season (November – April), be sure to visit the Tatra Ice House Hrebienok, where you can see the ice sculptures. Admission is free.

Hrebienok – easy hiking trails:

  • Rainerova chata – the chalet can be easily reached by NS Hrebienok with a stroller or with smaller children.
  • Zamkovská chata is another mountain chalet in the High Tatras, which is accessible by an easy trail and can be comfortably managed even with children. It will take you a little over an hour from Hrebienok. After the red. On the way to Zamkovský hut you will pass the Giant Waterfall.
  • Waterfalls of Studeného potoka – follow the green hiking trail for one kilometre to the waterfalls of the Cold Stream.
  • Dlhý Waterfall – you can also take the green trail to Long Waterfall. At the signpost Nad Dlhým vodopádom – crossroads. turn right on yellow.

Hotels High Tatras 😴

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6. Cableway to Skalnate pleso 

Skalnate pleso (1 751 m) can be reached comfortably by cable car from Tatranská Lomnica. A return ticket will cost you 29€ (one-way ticket up 24€ and down 21€). From Skalnate pleso you have a beautiful view of the Skalnate valley.

Skalnate pleso High Tatras / High Tatras things to do and hiking trails

From here you can continue to the top of Velká Svišt’ovka (2 038 m) and to Zelené pleso. The route is only accessible in the summer season. Or, on the contrary, descend to Zamkovsky’s hut.

7. Cableway to Lomnicky Peak 

Lomnicky Peak (2 634 m) is one of the highest peaks in the High Tatras. However, it is not accessible by marked hiking trails.

How to get to Lomnicky Peak? You have 2 options – mountain guide or cable car.

First, take the cable car to Skalnate pleso (see previous tip) and from there take another cable car to Lomnický štít. The price of the cable car to Lomnicky Peak is 51 €. On Lomnický Peak you can enjoy the Tatras from the observation deck. Here you will find more information about cable cars in the High Tatras.

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8. Zelené pleso

Zelené pleso (1,551 m) is said to be the most beautiful pleso in the High Tatras. The least demanding route to it leads from the Kežmarská Biela Voda bus stop along the yellow trail. You may be scared of the elevation, but the path here is well maintained and can be handled even by bigger children.

Zelené pleso High Tatras
Green lake

The other way to get to the Green Ball is to take it via the Big White Ball. The beginning of the route is the same, only at the signpost Šalviový prameň you will go from yellow to blue. You stick to it all the way to Velké Biele pleso. From here you will descend on the red trail to the Green Ball.

9. Belianska Cave

The Belianska Cave is accessible from the Tatranská Kotlina. The parking lot for the Belianska Cave is located by the main road and you will not miss it. The cave is then just a few steps down the yellow. For food, I recommend going to the hut just off the car park. You can also visit the fun rope park.

Belianska Cave High Tatras / excursions in the High Tatras

Hiking tours in the High Tatras

Are you tired of easy walks and want to surpass yourself in the High Tatras? Where to go in the Tatras for more challenging hiking or day hikes?

  1. Koprovský štít
  2. Features
  3. Krivan
  4. Silesian House and Velicky Waterfall
  5. Slavkovský štít
  6. Téry’s cottage and Spišská plesa
  7. Lamb’s Peak
  8. Gerlach Peak
  9. Mlynická and Furkotská valley
  10. Zbojnicka cottage

1. Ascent to Koprovský štít

Most of the tourists climb Kriváň and Rysy (even those will be climbed today). Kriváň is a national peak and Rysy is a triple peak to the right of Koprovský štít.

Koprovský štít (2 363 m) remains a bit behind its more famous peaks, but I think you won’t regret the hike. I twisted my ankle while descending from Koprovský štít and I would go there again anyway. 🙂

Koprovský štít High Tatras

The advantage of Koprovský štít is that it offers you several intermediate points to admire on the way to the summit. As a disadvantage, some may see that the last place where you can refresh yourself other than from your own supplies is Popradské pleso. You will sweat out some calories during the climb, so don’t forget to pack a supply of water and food with you.

The ascent to the Koprovský štít starts at TEŽ Popradské pleso, from where you take the blue trail to the Popradský pleso. The alternative is to come to the Popradské pleso from Štrbské pleso after the red one. From Popradské pleso you continue along the blue Mengusovská valley. You will pass by Velké Hincovo pleso, which is the largest and deepest lake in Slovakia.

From the ball, you start to climb significantly. At the Vyšné Koprovské sedlo signpost, leave the blue trail and follow the red trail, which will lead you to the top. In the saddle you will get the wrong impression that you will be there in 5 minutes, but it is not so. You still have about half an hour to go.

Increased caution is needed for the last section. Some sections are narrow and you’ll run into each other with other visitors.

2. Ascent to Rysy

We will take the brothers to the right of Koprovský štít – the triple peak of Rysy, the highest peak on the Polish side of the Tatras (2 499 m).

Many tourists head to Rysy every year. Why? It is the highest peak in the High Tatras, to which marked hiking trails lead.

The route to Rysy is identical to the route to Koprovský štít until the signpost Nad Žabí potokom.

From the signpost, take the red trail to the right to Rysy. You don’t have to worry about missing it. When you get to the signpost, you will walk in a crowd of people. They will then divide into those who will climb Koprovský štít and those who will climb Rysy with you. The group of those going with you to Rysy will be much bigger.

You continue through the Mengus valley through the sagebrush and after a while you start to climb up the grassy slope. You go past the Malé and Velké Žabie pleso (small lakes), where you will gain strength. Yes, you will. 🙂

From Kotliny Žabích plies, you will start to climb again and overcome a more technically demanding section, where in one part you will be belayed with chains and ropes.

The advantage of the ascent to Rysy is that on the way there is Chata pod Rysmi, the highest chalet (2 250 m).

From the hut you have about an hour walk. You climb up to the Váha saddle, which is usually covered with snow all year round, so increase your caution here. From this place you have a beautiful view of Gerlachovský štít and the Tatras in general. Follow the hiking trail to the top.

  • Difficulty: day hike; 9.1 km; 5 hours; elevation 1273 m; inaccessible from 1st November to 31th May
  • Route to the top of Rysy

3. Ascent to Krivan

The national peak of Slovakia Kriváň (2 494 m) cannot be missed here. National, not supreme as most people believe. The highest peak is Gerlachovský štít (2 655 m).

You won’t find any huts along the way, so be sure to pack plenty of water and some energy drinks in your backpack so you have enough strength for the climb. Especially the last part of the climb is quite challenging.

Routes to Krivan

The first trail starts at the Tři studničky signpost, from where you take the green trail. You will walk through the Važec valley until you reach the crossroads at Kriváňský žlaf. Turn left here on the blue. The terrain is changing completely. The hiking trail will be replaced by rocks. On the way, you will be treated to the Krivánský Zelený pleso on your right. Through Daxnerovo sedlo you will reach Kriváň.

The second option is the route from Štrbské pleso. From here you will go through the Furkotská valley along the red hiking trail. Before the red turns left to Jamské pleso, continue on the blue trail. As in the first case, you will cross the Daxner saddle to Kriváň.

4. Sliezsky dom and Velicky Waterfall

Sliezsky dom or Silesian House (1 670 m) is the highest hotel in the High Tatras. Right next to Sliezsky dom you can enjoy the Velický pleso and Velický waterfall, behind which the top of the Flower Tower (2 433 m) rises. The Silesian House can also be reached by car and the hotel is a great starting point for further hikes.

Velický pleso and Velický waterfall
Ascent to Sliezsky dom

From Tatranská Polianka there is a short, but significantly ascending path leading to Sliezsky dom. You will walk the entire route through the green forest and at the Velická polaňa signpost the forest changes into a slash-and-burn forest. Sliezsky dom is just a stone’s throw away.

Sliezsky dom / Velicky Waterfall High Tatras
Sliezsky dom

Another option is a hike across Tatranská magistrála. It is a route of breathtaking views. From here you will be within sight of the highest peak in Slovakia – Gerlachovský štít.

The journey starts at Popradské pleso, where you will arrive from TEŽ Popradské pleso or Štrbské pleso. Go around Popradské pleso on its northern side past the Chata pri Popradskom plese and take the red trail.

Above Popradské pleso is the peak of Ostrva (1 984 m). You will now begin to climb into its saddle. You will get a lot of exercise here, but this will be compensated by great views of Popradské pleso, Mengusovská valley or Koprovský štít.

You climb up the side of the peak Klín for a while and then you start to descend gently through the Štólská valley. At the end of the Štólská valley you will find the Batizovská valley with a view of the Batizovské pleso. From the Batizovské pleso you gradually descend to Sliezský dom.

Batizovské pleso

5. Ascent to Slavkovský štít

The least interesting climb to one of the highest peaks in the High Tatras is Slavkovský štít (2 452 m). But it offers some of the best views. The advantage is that, unlike Kriváň or Rysy, here you can enjoy the views without crowds of people.

Slavkovský štít High Tatras / High Tatras hikes and things to do

Slavkovský štít is exceptional in the High Tatras. Its shape resembles a rounded pile of rocks. The journey to it is very monotonous and you have to be very patient.

Slavkovský štít High Tatras / High Tatras hikes and things to do

The route to Slavkovský štít starts in Starý Smokovec at the lower station of the cable car to Hrebienok. You start on the blue and stick to it until the end. You are walking through the Slavkov valley. Beautiful views can be enjoyed from the Slavkovský lookout at about 1500 m.

  • Difficulty: day hike; 7 km; 5 hours 15 minutes; 1400 m elevation gain; inaccessible from 1st November to 31th May
  • Route to Slavkovský štít

6. Téryho chata and Pět Spišských ples

Téryho chata (2,015 m) is the second highest mountain chalet, open all year round.

Téryho chata is best accessible from Starý Smokovec. You can get here via Hrebienok, past Rainer’s hut and Zamkovský hut. The route here is described in detail above. From the Zamkovský chalet, you will have to climb another 500 metres through the Malá Studená dolina valley along the green hiking trail.

Right next to Téry’s cottage you will find Pět Spišských ples (small lakes):

  • Vyšné Spišské pleso
  • Great Spišské pleso
  • Prostředné Spišské pleso
  • Small Spišské pleso
  • Nižné Spišské pleso

The route around Spišské pleso is not accessible in the winter season.

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Prostředné Spišské pleso High Tatras / routes and hikes
Prostředné Spišské pleso

7. Ascent to the Lamb Peak

The ascent to Jahňací štít (2 229 m), the easternmost peak of the Eastern Tatras, is one of the most demanding.

Source: Rafał Kozubek

You can reach it via Zelené pleso and Chata pri Zelenom plesu. From the hut, you will have about two hours of hiking and 700 metres of climbing on the yellow trail. There are places with loose rocks at the top and it takes a sure foot. You can shorten the route by cable car to Skalnate pleso, from where you will follow the Tatra Highway to Zelené pleso and then up to the Jahňací štít.

  • Difficulty: day hike; 9.9 km; 5 hours; 1300 m elevation gain; inaccessible from 1st November to 31th May
  • Route to the Lamb’s Peak

8. Ascent to Gerlachovský štít

You cannot reach the highest peak of Slovakia – Gerlachovský štít (2 655 m) without a guide. And given that even for experienced climbers the climb to Gerlach in bad weather is very difficult, don’t risk it and rather pay extra for a mountain guide.

Gerlachovský štít High Tatras / the highest mountain in Slovakia

Are you interested in the price for a mountain guide to Gerlach? You can find a detailed list of prices for a guide to Gerlach Peak on this link. In addition to Gerlachovský štít, it is possible to climb other inaccessible peaks with a mountain guide – Lomnický štít, Ľadový štít, Satan etc.

9. Mlynická and Furkotská valley

The route through the Mlynická and Furkotská valley is one of the most beautiful hiking routes in the High Tatras, because it takes you past the waterfall Skok, Čapí pleso and through the Bystrá saddle past the Vyšný and Nižný Wahlenbergova pleso back to Štrbské pleso.

We set off from Štrbské pleso towards the Skok waterfall along the yellow trail, which takes us past the lake above Skok to the Bystrá lávka saddle. The trail to the waterfall Skok is also suitable for families with children. From Bystrý sedlo we enjoy the view of Čapí pleso and continue to Furkotská dolina along the yellow trail. On the descent we have a view of more and more lakes and the opposite Kozí hřbet. At the signpost below the Furkotska valley we will follow the Tatra Highway back to Štrbské pleso.

10. Zbojnicka chalet

The Zbojnicka chalet is located at an altitude of 1,960 m in the Velká Studená valley. On the way here you will see beautiful waterfalls, lakes and you will have a view of Slavkovský štít on your left, but also Svišt’ová štít, Javorový štít and other peaks in the area.

The route to the Zbojnická hut is not difficult and is accessible all year round. Most of the time you climb gently and only part of the way is secured with chains. We start at the top of Hrebienok, which can also be reached by cable car or on foot from Starý Smokovec. From here we will head towards Rainerova hut, where we will follow the blue tourist trail that will take us through the valley to Zbojnická hut.

Where to stay in the High Tatras

There are plenty of options for accommodation in the High Tatras. The most suitable area for accommodation is the area between Štrbské pleso and Tatranka Lomnica, which are less than half an hour away from each other by car. Moreover, they are connected by the Tatra tram, which is very cheap and fast to get where you need to go.

This area includes Štrbské pleso, the High Tatras (this includes parts of Vyšné Hágy, Nová Polianka, Tatranská Polianka, Tatranské Zruby, Nový Smokovec, Starý Smokovec, Horný Smokovec and Tatranská Lesná) and Tatranská Lomnice in the east.

Here are some of our tips for the best accommodation in the High Tatras:

Hotels High Tatras 😴

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Transport to the High Tatras: car or train?

By train to the High Tatras

The High Tatras are well connected with Prague. You can choose from several train carriers – České dráhy, Regiojet and Leo Express.

All of them offer direct connections at least to Poprad, which is one of the gateways to the Tatras. The second imaginary gate is Štrba, which is located just outside Poprad. From Štrba you can get to where you need to go by Zubachka and then by Tatra railway. From Poprad then by train.

If we take Prague as the starting point (also for further calculations below), you will spend approximately the same time on the journey with all carriers – 7 and a half hours. It depends on what time you start, but the differences are not big.

By car to the High Tatras

If you want to have freedom of movement in the Tatras and simply go where you need to go, a car is a more comfortable option.

A Slovak motorway vignette will cost you €12/10 days or €17/30 days (2024). You can buy it easily online.

High Tatras excursions hiking routes

Tram and cog railway in the High Tatras

The High Tatras have 2 basic pillars of local transport – the tram and the cog railway. This allows you to get almost everywhere you need to go. Especially in the more touristic parts of the Tatras.

The fare system of the Tatra trams and cog railway is divided into zones according to distance. You pay between €0.5 and €2. For example, you will pay 1€ for a tubing trip between Štrba and Štrbské pleso or 2€ for Poprad and Starý Smokovec. Children under 6 years travel free of charge. You pay half price for a dog. Mark your ticket when you board the cog railway or train.

If you plan to use the Tatra Railways more, you can buy a prepaid ticket for a day for 4 €, for 3 days for 8 €, for a week for 14 € or for a month for 16 €. The ticket is valid for unlimited travel in all directions on the tram and cog railway.

You can buy your ticket online on the Slovak Railways website.

Useful links:

Tatra tram

By car to Štrbské pleso

Štrbské pleso is like a magnet for tourists. It’s literally packed. If you’re driving and wondering how to get to Štrbské pleso, it’s easy. You can drive all the way to Štrbské pleso.

There are several parking lots around Štrbské pleso. There are up to 11 parking zones in the summer season, so you don’t have to worry about not parking. Prices vary, but generally parking costs €2/1 hour. and for the whole day usually 10 €.

Detailed information about parking at Štrbské pleso.

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By car to the Popradske pleso

Popradské pleso is the second most popular ball in the High Tatras after Štrbské pleso. Unlike Štrbské pleso, Popradské pleso is not commonly accessible by car.

You can park your car along the road at the train station TEŽ Popradské pleso (you can also take the Tatra tram here).

From here you will set off along a comfortable asphalt path with other hikers.

When to the Tatras?

It depends on what routes and trips you are planning in the High Tatras. Not all hiking trails are open all year round. If you are planning to climb one of the Tatra peaks or hiking at higher altitudes, you must go to the High Tatras from 1st June to 31th October (valid for 2024), when trails at higher elevations are open.

In June, snow is still common in many places and July is as unpredictable as April. Thunderstorms, rain and temperature fluctuations are not uncommon.

The best time for hiking in the Tatras is September, or. October, when there are fewer tourists and the fantastic views are enhanced by the surrounding nature in autumn colours. The mountain huts can be reached all year round (except for the chalet pod Rysmi).

These were our tips for best hikes and things to do in the High Tatras. Do you have a question? Let me know in the comments below or share your experience. Have a safe journey!

More information about Slovakia

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Summary of the article High Tatras: the best hikes and things to do

What easy routes in the High Tatras do you recommend?

A pleasant walk leads past Štrbské Pleso, which has an ideal starting position for further hikes. For example, to the waterfall Skok or to the Popradské pleso. You can take the cable car to the chalet under Solisko or from Tatranská Lomnica to Lomnicky Peak at an altitude of 2,634 m. For more tips and a detailed description of the routes, see the article.

Which hikes in the High Tatras are among the most beautiful?

Any of the Tatra peaks will stun you with their views. You can choose between Slovakia’s national mountain Kriváň, the popular peak of Rysy or, for example, the Koprovský štít, where the trail leads around the Great Hincovo Lake. The route to Téry’s cottage or through the Batizovská valley to the Sliezský house is accessible all year round. For more tips and a detailed description of the routes, see the article.

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