17 Things to do in Greece: Best places and islands to visit (+ map)

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Welcome to Greece, the realm of mythology, where history blends seamlessly with the gentle Mediterranean breeze. Greece is the cradle of Western civilisation, weaving together ancient legends, vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes. Here are tips on the best things to do in Greece.

The article also includes practical information – the nearest airport, flight times, how to get ferries, the best accommodation and detailed tips on things to do in Greece.


Enjoy a visit to the iconic Acropolis and the azure blue sea on Greece’s most beautiful islands. Walk the cobbled streets of the whitewashed villages and step back in time to the rich history that is evident at every turn in Greece.

Join us for tips on things to do in Greece and start planning your next adventure.


The Greek islands make up a quarter of the area of the whole of Greece. There are 3,000 of them and 167 of them are inhabited (although the exact numbers vary in different sources).

Greece has the most inhabited islands of any European country. You will find small islands ideal for a day trip from the mainland and large islands that are among the best destinations in Greece.

In the following list we will show you the most beautiful islands in Greece where you can spend your perfect holiday:


Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, is a blend of stunning landscapes, rich history, delicious cuisine and warm hospitality.

Crete’s historical offer is as extensive as the island itself. Visit the labyrinthine ruins of Knossos, the centre of the Minoan civilisation and legendary home of the mythical Minotaur. Explore the island’s many monasteries, such as the iconic Arkadi Monastery, a symbol of Cretan resistance during Ottoman rule.

Knossos / things to do in Crete
Knossos / things to do in Crete

The capital city of Heraklion is a bustling city full of fascinating museums, historical monuments, lively markets and exuberant nightlife. Chania, with its beautiful old harbour, Venetian lighthouse and charming old town, is a place that will steal your heart.

Herakleion / things to do in Crete
Herakleion / things to do in Crete

Crete is famous for its cuisine based on the unique concept of Greek cuisine. Taste dakos, the traditional Cretan salad, enjoy the unique taste of mizithra cheese and don’t forget to try raki, the local brandy often offered as a token of hospitality.

The island is a paradise for nature and adventure lovers. Hike the impressive Samaria Gorge, laze on the pink sands of Elafonisi Beach or explore the secluded coves and bays of Balos Lagoon.

Elafonisi beach
Elafonisi beach
Balos beach Crete
Balos beach
Useful information for holidays in Crete

Crete is one of the most popular islands in Greece. It has excellent air connections to almost every major European city. Nikos Kazantzakis Airport is located east of the capital city of Herakleion.

From Prague you can be in Crete in less than 3 hours thanks to these airlines:

  • Czech Airlines – The traditional Czech airline offers regular flights from May to October (even twice a day in high season). The basic ticket price includes hand luggage up to 8 kg.
  • Eurowings – The German low-cost airline provides several flights in high season.

Hotels in Crete 😴

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The most beautiful islands in Greece: Cyclades Islands

Santorini – things to do in Greece

Santorini is not just a destination, it’s an experience. Get lost in the labyrinth of alleys, enjoy wine on the terrace overlooking the sea and listen to the church bells echoing through the caldera. And what about the sunset, which will probably be one of the most beautiful you’ve ever seen.

Even the drive to Santorini is breathtaking. As you approach by sea, the high cliffs of the caldera greet you. The island is the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history, the Minoan eruption, which took place around 3,600 years ago.

Thanks to its geological past, Santorini boasts a remarkable landscape, from the black and red volcanic beaches to the dramatic rock faces that rise out of the sea.

Red beach

The iconic image of Santorini is the Cycladic white buildings with blue domes clinging to the caldera cliffs against the backdrop of the deep blue sea. The best views are of the villages of Fira and Oia.

SAntorini, Greece

Santorini is a gastronomic paradise. The volcanic soil combined with the unique microclimate creates the distinctive flavours of local produce. The island is famous for its wine, especially the Assyrtiko white grape variety. Local cherry tomatoes, fava beans, white aubergines and, of course, seafood and fish also feature in many traditional dishes.

Read our detailed travel guide to Santorini for everything you need for your Santorini holiday.


The taste of fresh seafood at the beachside taverna, the sound of waves crashing against the windmills, the sight of a breathtaking sunset and the electrifying energy of a beach party that lasts until dawn – this is Mykonos.

Mykonos blends a cosmopolitan lifestyle with traditional Greek charm. A labyrinth of flower-adorned streets lined with chic boutiques, trendy cafés and lively bars is a testament to the fusion of old and new.

Mykonos Greece
Mykonos / things to do in Greece
Mykonos / things to do in Greece
Mykonos / things to do in Greece

The island’s gastronomy is a blend of traditional Greek flavours and modern culinary trends. Taste local kopanisti cheese, a delicacy made from smoked pork louza, or their own version of baklava.

The vibrant energy of the island extends to its beaches, each with its own personality. From the family-friendly beaches of Ornos and Platis Gialos to the popular Paradise and Super Paradise beaches, where the music never stops. For an escape and some peace and quiet, visit the beaches of Agios Sostis and Fokos.

Not far from Mykonos is the island of Délos, considered the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece.

Practical information for holidays in Mykonos

There are direct flights to Mykonos from Vienna, Naples, Rome, Milan, Düsseldorf and other cities. Even with a transfer, tickets often work out very well. The airport is located in the west of the island. Here you can search for all flights to Mykonos .

The other option is to fly to Athens and take a local flight or ferry at Rafina port to Mykonos.

Tours to Greece 🏖️

Naxos – things to do in Greece

Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades and offers an authentic slice of Greek life, where traditional customs flourish amidst a beautiful landscape. It is an island of picturesque villages, Byzantine churches, ancient ruins, lush valleys and some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Naxos is a paradise for those looking for a quiet escape from the busy resorts.

Naxos, Greece / things to do in Greece

As you approach Naxos by sea, you are greeted by Portara, a massive marble gateway that is a remnant of the unfinished temple of Apollo. The sunsets from here are some of the most beautiful.

Naxos, Greece / things to do in Greece

The city of Naxos or Chora is a mixture of Venetian and Cycladic architecture. Its narrow, winding streets are lined with local shops, traditional taverns and cosy cafés. Visit Kastro Castle in Venice, which offers panoramic views of the island and the sea beyond.

The island is famous for its products, especially cheeses such as spicy arsenico and creamy graviera. Naxos potatoes, known for their unique taste, are the basis of many dishes. And don’t miss the local Kitron, a citrus liqueur that is the perfect accompaniment to a delicious meal.

But Naxos is more than just beautiful beaches. There’s much more to discover in the hinterland. The village of Apiranthos, nestled in the mountains, is famous for its marble streets and fascinating archaeological and geological museums. Don’t miss the archaeological site of the Temple of Demeter.

Thanks to its terrain, Naxos is ideal for hiking and offers great conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Naxos, Greece / things to do in Greece
Practical information for your holiday on Naxos

There are no direct flights to Naxos. It can only be reached by air from Athens (40 minutes) or by ferries from Athens and other nearby islands. Here you can search all ferries to Naxos .

The most beautiful islands of Greece: the Dodecanese


Welcome to Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands.

Step back in time and explore the medieval city of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses several breathtaking monuments, including the Palace of the Grand Masters.

Old Town Rhodes Greece
Rhodes Old Town
Palace of the Grand Masters, Rhodes
Palace of the Grand Masters, Rhodes

Nature lovers will be enchanted by the Valley of Butterflies, a nature reserve teeming with colourful butterflies during the summer months. If you’re looking for a trip with a bit of an adrenaline rush, visit the Seven Sisters water structure with its lake, waterfalls and tunnel.

With miles of coastline, there is a beach to suit every taste in Rhodes. From the family-friendly waters of Tsambika Beach to the surfer’s paradise of Prasonisi. From Prasonisi beach you can walk to the southernmost point of Rhodes with its lighthouse and fantastic views.


The best area for a seaside holiday in Rhodes is the east coast, where the best beaches and ideal weather without northerly winds are found. Famous resorts are Rhodes, Lindos, Pefki or Gennadi.

The coastline to the west and north is rocky and windy. On the other hand, the area is untouched by mass tourism and you will enjoy a more authentic Rhodes.

Practical information for holidays in Rhodes

There are direct flights to Rhodes from Prague, Vienna, Krakow and other cities. The airport is located about 20 minutes drive from the capital of Rhodes, or alternatively. 45-60 minutes by bus.

From Prague you can reach Rhodes in less than 3 hours with Czech Airlines, which flies regularly from May to October. Czech Airlines is supplemented by several low-cost airlines Eurowings a Ryanair . Both have only a small backpack/bag in the basic ticket price, but even with the checked baggage surcharge, the tickets work out well.

Hotels in Rhodes 😴

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Kos is the second largest island in the Dodecanese, where most of the seaside resorts only come to life in high season. Kos is the capital and Kardemana is a major tourist town with permanent residents, and Kefalos is a popular resort.

Immerse yourself in the past in Kos, where ancient Greek, Roman and Ottoman monuments combine with lively squares and charming cafés. Wander the historic streets and discover the Hippocratic Tree, the ancient Agora and the Knights’ Castle, which tell the stories of the island’s rich past.

Kos Greece

Asklepion, an ancient healing centre and the birthplace of modern medicine, is a testament to the advanced civilization of ancient Greece.

In addition to its historical treasures, Kos is a paradise for beach lovers. With a coastline of over 290 kilometres, the island offers a number of sandy beaches and quiet coves. From the crystal clear waters of Paradise Beach to Agios Stefanos with its ancient remains.

Paradise Beach on the island of Kos
Paradise Beach on the island of Kos

The most beautiful sandy beaches can be found on the south coast. What you won’t find here is accommodation (or only limited accommodation). However, the beaches are very accessible by bus from Kefalos and Kos.

Kos is known as the “island of cyclists” because it is flat and flat. The most popular cycling route runs along the northern coast between Kos and Mastichari.

Practical information for your holiday on the island of Kos, Greece

There are direct flights to Kos from Munich, London and other cities. Kos is also well connected to Athens Airport, where you can board an Athens-Kos flight.

The most beautiful islands in Greece: Ionian Islands


Corfu is the second largest Ionian island and one of the greenest. It is an island with a turbulent history that is inscribed in its streets. Explore the UNESCO-listed old town of Corfu, which bears traces of Venetian, French and British influence.

Don’t miss Angelokastro, a breathtaking monument on a high wooded hill on the west coast of Corfu.

View from Angelokastro, Corfu
View from Angelokastro, Corfu

The island boasts a varied landscape, from the green slopes of Mount Pantokrator, which is easily accessible (by car and on foot), to beautiful beaches such as Paleokastritsa and Canal d’Amour.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu is Porto Timoni, which can only be reached on foot along the cliffs (sturdy shoes required) or by boat from the next beach, Agios Georgios.

View from the road to Pantokrator
View from the road to Pantokrator

On the way to Porto Timoni, you will enjoy spectacular views, as well as at Cape Drastis in the north of the island (a very accessible and not so well-known place).

If you’re looking for hiking like us, you’ll find Corfu to your liking. The most famoushiking trail is the 150 km long “Corfu Trail” running from south to north. It is relatively easy, well signposted and passes through hills, lagoons, lakes, monasteries and smaller inland towns.

Porto Timoni, Corfu
Porto Timoni beach
Cape Drastis, Corfu
Cape Drastis, Corfu
Practical information for holidays in Corfu

Corfu is a very popular island that can be reached by air from many European cities. Check outcurrent flights here.

From Prague you can reach Corfu in just over 2 hours with Czech Airlines, which flies regularly from late May to early October. Czech Airlines is supplemented by several low-cost airlines Eurowings a Ryanair . Both have only a small backpack/bag in the basic ticket price, but even with the checked baggage surcharge, the tickets work out well.

In addition to taxis, you can take buses around Corfu Town. Blue and white buses run between the airport, the cruise terminal and Corfu Town. Green buses around the rest of the island.

Hotels in Corfu 😴

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Lefkada is home to some of the best beaches in Greece, if not the world. Porto Katsiki and Egremni with their milky blue water and high cliffs are absolutely breathtaking.

The beaches here are mostly gravelly, some pebbly. The most beautiful beaches are found mainly on the west coast (sometimes they can be less accessible).

Porto Katsiki, Lefkada
Porto Katsiki, Lefkada

The interior of the island is a green paradise, interspersed with traditional villages and hiking trails with panoramic views.

Lefkadian cuisine is a tasty blend of Greek and Ionian traditions. Sample local specialities such as ladopita, a delicious oil cake, or sip local Vardea wine.

Unlike most Greek islands, Lefkada is connected to the mainland by a floating bridge, making it easily accessible by car.

Milos, Lefkada
Milos, Lefkada
Practical information for your holiday in Lefkada

The nearest airport is Preveza Aktion National Airport, which is just 20 minutes’ drive from Lefkada. Direct connections are available from Düsseldorf, Munich, Vienna or Prague with Smartwings.

Lefkada can be easily reached by bus or taxi. Check outthe current flights here.

Tours to Greece 🏖️

Paxos – what to visit in Greece

Paxos is located south of Corfu. A hidden gem in the Ionian Sea, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece.

This small Greek island is still unspoiled by mass tourism and provides a peaceful backdrop in a breathtaking landscape.

Paxos Greece / things to do in Greece

Paxos is a place where time seems to slow down. Olive groves stretch as far as the eye can see, hiding quiet villages where the traditional Greek way of life prevails. Stroll through the narrow cobbled streets past whitewashed houses decorated with bright flowers and discover centuries-old churches.

Paxos Greece / things to do in Greece

The island’s coastline is a mix of white pebble beaches, secluded coves and dramatic cliffs. Take a dip in the crystal clear waters of Voutoumi or Kipiadi beaches or explore the stunning Blue Caves by boat. The surrounding sea is teeming with marine life and is a paradise for snorkelers and divers.

Paxos Greece / things to do in Greece
Practical information for visiting Paxos

Paxos Island does not have an airport. The nearest airport is on the island of Corfu, with regular flights throughout the year from several towns (see practical information for Corfu above). Paxos can then be reached in about half an hour by ferry.


Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands, located between Lefkada and Zakynthos. A place where rugged mountains meet stunning beaches. From Myrtos beach, famous for its turquoise waters and white sand, to the mysterious depths of Lake Melissani.

Myrtos beach, Kefalonia
Myrtos beach, Kefalonia
Lake Melissani, Kefalonia
Lake Melissani, Kefalonia

Climb Mount Ainos, the highest peak on the island, or visit the Venetian-style capital Argostoli.

Taste the famous Robola wine, delicious local honey and traditional dishes such as pastitsada and moussaka.

In 1953, a strong earthquake hit the island, destroying most of the houses. Nevertheless, the island has become a popular tourist destination and has managed to retain its authentic character.

View from the top of Ainos
View from the top of Ainos
Practical information for your holiday in Kefalonia

There are direct flights to Kefalonia from Vienna, Prague, Milan, Munich and other cities. The airport is located about 8 km from Argostoli.

From Prague you can reach Kefalonia in 2-2.5 hours with Czech Airlines, which operates several direct flights a week in high season. Alternatively, you can also change in Athens, where you will take an hour flight to Kefalonia.

Zakynthos – things to do in Greece

Zakynthos is a dream destination for many people. Enchanting beaches, vibrant nightlife and a rich cultural heritage are just some of the many experiences that await you here.

Its most famous spot, the iconic Shipwreck or Navagio beach, is a postcard-perfect setting with azure waters and pristine white sand that can only be reached by boat. Be prepared, however, for the season to be really crowded.

Shipwreck beach, Zakynthos
Shipwreck beach, Zakynthos

Explore the island’s diverse coastline dotted with hidden coves, dramatic reefs and sandy beaches such as Gerakas and Alykes, which are ideal for sunbathing, snorkelling or simply enjoying the breathtaking surroundings.

Head inland to lush olive groves, explore charming mountain villages and discover the Venetian castle overlooking Zakynthos Town, which offers panoramic views of the entire Ionian Sea.

Zakynthos / things to do in Greece

As the sun sets, Zakynthos comes alive, from the lively clubs and bars of Laganas to the traditional Greek music echoing from the tavernas of Zakynthos Town. Sample local specialities such as ladotyri cheese and Verdea wine and enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals.

Zakynthos / things to do in Greece
Practical information for holidays in Zakynthos

Zakynthos is served by direct flights from a number of European cities, including Prague and Vienna.

Dionysios Solomos Airport is about 5 km from the capital of Zakynthos and close to other famous resorts such as Laganas, Tsilivi and Kalamaki.

From Prague you can reach Zakynthos in 2.5 hours with Czech Airlines, which flies from the end of May to the beginning of October.



Athens, the capital of Greece, where antiquity meets modernity, where time seems to stand still, but life moves at an exciting pace.

Weave through the labyrinthine streets of the old city of Plaka, with the massive Acropolis, the ancient citadel with the iconic Parthenon, looming overhead like a shadow. This is a place that must be on your list of things to do in Athens.

Acropolis, Athens
Acropolis, Athens

But Athens is not just a trip into the past. Turn your gaze away from the ancient ruins and see a vibrant city bustling with life. With bustling local markets, chic rooftop restaurants and cosy tavernas where you can soak up the rhythms of traditional Greek music.

And when the hustle and bustle of the city gets too much, Athens offers an oasis of tranquillity. The green national gardens provide a peaceful retreat in the centre of the city, and the stunning beaches of the Athens Riviera are just a short drive away.

The old quarter of Plaka under Acropolis, Athens
The old quarter of Plaka under Acropolis, Athens
Practical information for your holiday in Athens

Athens has excellent direct air links to most major cities in Europe. The airport is located south-east of the city and is an important transport hub for most of the Greek islands.

From Prague you can be in Athens in 2.5 hours thanks to these airlines:

  • Aegean – Greek airline that offers free hand luggage in the basic ticket price.
  • Eurowings – German low-cost airline that has a small baggage allowance of maximum 40 x 30 x 25 cm in the basic ticket price.
  • Czech Airlines – The traditional Czech airline complements Aegean and Eurowings in high season and provides hand luggage up to 8 kg in the ticket price.

Here you can search for all flights to Athens.

Hotels in Athens 😴

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Peloponnese Peninsula – things to do in Greece

In the southernmost part of mainland Greece lies a region rich in history, diverse landscapes and vibrant culture – Peloponnese. This peninsula is often referred to as an island due to the Corinth Canal that separates it from the mainland.

Begin your Peloponnesian journey in the ancient city of Corinth, then head to Mycenae, the legendary kingdom of the mythical hero Agamemnon. The archaeological site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will transport you back to the time of Homer’s epics. The Lion’s Gate, the royal tombs and the Cyclopean walls are just some of the can’t-miss sights on the Peloponnesian island of Greece.

Mycenae / things to do in Greece
Mycenae / things to do in Greece

Visit Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece. With its narrow streets, Venetian fortresses and neoclassical mansions, Nafplio is the perfect blend of past and present. The best view of the Bay of Argola is from Palamidi Fortress.

Another must-visit place in the Peloponnese is the ancient city of Olympia, where the Olympic Games were born. Explore the ruins of ancient sports venues, including the stadium and gymnasium, and visit the museum to see the famous statue of Praxiteles Hermes.


The archaeological site of Epidauros is another must-see in Greece for all history buffs.


Explore the Mani Peninsula with its rugged landscape, imposing towers and secluded coves. To the south are the sandy beaches of Elafonisos and the medieval castle town of Monemvasia.

For beautiful beaches and turquoise water, visit Gaial’s lagoon and castle and the adjacent Voidokilia beach north of Pylos.

view of Voidokilia beach
view of Voidokilia beach
Practical information for visiting the Peloponnese Peninsula

You have two easy ways to get to the Peloponnese Peninsula:

  • Athens Airport, from where the Peloponnese Peninsula is just an hour’s drive away.
  • Kalamata airport in the southern Peloponnese – a small airport with only a few flights a day, with direct flights from Vienna or Milan

The best way to explore the Peloponnese Peninsula is to rent a car at one of the airports. Book a car in advance to ensure the best price and availability.

Halkidiki Peninsula – things to do in Greece

The Chalkidiki peninsula is located in the north of Greece on the Aegean Sea. It’s a stunning retreat that offers an enticing combination of crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, green landscapes and rich history.

Its shape resembles a hand with three fingers, which form the smaller peninsulas of Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. Each of the three peninsulas offers a unique experience and now we will introduce them one by one.


The best beaches in Halkidiki can be found in Sithonia. There are more than 100 of them, with white sand and crystal clear water. It is a relatively untouched place that has not yet succumbed to mass tourism, like Corfu or Zakynthos.

The pace of life is slowing down on the Sithonia peninsula. The lush pine forests blend seamlessly with the secluded beaches to create a picture postcard image.

Kaviou Beach, Nikiti
Kaviou Beach, Nikiti


Kassandra, the westernmost tip, is a vibrant place full of modern resorts, lively beach bars and charming villages. Dive into the turquoise waters, dance the night away under the starry sky or enjoy fresh seafood in a traditional taverna.

Kassandra, Greece
Kassandra, Greece

Don’t miss a visit to Possidi beach, which changes shape depending on the sea. It is similar to Zlatni rat beach on the island of Brac near Split, but unlike it, it is not crowded at all. The parking lot is at the beginning, where you then walk through the sand. There is a restaurant nearby, but there are no other facilities.


The easternmost peninsula, Athos, is a spiritual sanctuary. Home to the oldest surviving monastic community in the world and a place where time seems to stand still.

Although access to Mount Athos is strictly regulated, you can still admire the centuries-old monasteries perched on the cliffs as you cruise around the peninsula.

Practical information for holidays on the Halkidiki peninsula

The nearest airport for the Halkidiki peninsula is Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia, located south of the second largest city in Greece, Thessaloniki. There are direct flights from many European cities including Prague, Vienna, Munich and Milan. Then it’s an hour by car to the peninsula.

Czech Airlines flies here from Prague – in high season and only a few times a week. Connections with a transfer are also good for time and price.

Tours to Greece 🏖️

Meteora – the most beautiful places in Greece

Meteora, translated as “suspended in air”, is a geological wonder in central Greece. Its high rock formations, which rise dramatically, create an incredible and breathtaking landscape.

On the tops of the sandstone columns there are ancient monasteries whose history dates back to the 14th century. Six of the original 24 are still in operation and open to visitors. These monasteries house religious art and historical artefacts.

Meteora Greece / the most beautiful places in Greece

Meteora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, both for its natural beauty and its cultural significance. Monasteries played a key role in preserving Hellenistic culture and Orthodox religious practices during the Ottoman rule.

Various trails lead to the monasteries and viewpoints, from which you can enjoy fantastic views.

How to get in: Meteora is most easily accessible by car – about 3.5 hours from Athens and less than 3 hours from Thessaloniki.


Who doesn’t know the mythical Mount Olympus, a mountain steeped in mythology and considered the home of the twelve Olympian gods, headed by Zeus. The gods were believed to reside in mythical palaces on top of the mountain, from where they observe and influence the affairs of the people.

With its highest peak, Mytikas, reaching 2,918 metres, Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. The mountain range covers an area of approximately 500 km2 and is characterised by deep gorges and high peaks.

Mount Olympus National Park was established in 1938 and became the first Greek national park.

There are several routes to the peaks with varying difficulty. The most commonly used trail starts in the town of Litochoro, from where you will find a moderate to difficult trail, which is better to split into two days and stay overnight in a mountain hut along the way (reservations required).

Climbing equipment is not required, but the last section is really steep along the rocks, so it’s better to have the necessary equipment and a guide if you don’t have more experience with similar terrain.

How to get: Olympus is most easily accessible from Thessaloniki airport – about an hour by car or public transport.

Tzoumerka National Park

The Tzoumerka National Park is a protected area in the Epirus region of northwestern Greece. While it may not be as well known as some other Greek destinations, it is absolutely breathtaking.

With rugged mountains, deep gorges, dense forests and many waterfalls (the most famous waterfall is the 350 m high waterfall in the village of Katarraktis).

You can take one of the trails, which offer different levels of difficulty, or go rafting down the Arachtos River.

There are several traditional villages in the park, each with its own unique charm. These villages are famous for their stone houses, monasteries from the Byzantine era and bridges.

How to get: The national park is most easily accessible by car. The nearest airport is Aktion International Airport, 2 hours away.

Kipinas Monastery
Kipinas Monastery

Transport in Greece and the Greek islands

By air to Greece

The largest airport in Greece is Athens International Airport. Here you can rent a car or take a bus.

If you’re heading to one of the Greek islands, you can take local flights or ferries that leave from the port of Piraeus west of Athens or the port of Rafina east of Athens (more on ferries below).

In addition to Athens Airport, Greece has connections to other airports including those near Thessaloniki and the islands of Zakynthos, Corfu, Kefalonia and more. Here you can find all flights to Greece.

Car rental

The best way to experience the beauty of Greece is to rent a car locally and explore Greece on your own.

You can rent a car right at the airport (Athens, Corfu, Santorini or any other airport) or at other locations nearby. All you need is a driving licence from your home country (or an international driving licence for non-EU nationals), a credit card and your age over 21.

Scooters or ATVs are another way to explore the islands of Greece. Ask at the hotel where the nearest car rental is.


Due to Greece’s island geography, ferries are an integral part of the transport system. Ferries connect the mainland with the islands and also provide transport between the islands.

The port of Piraeus in Athens is one of the busiest passenger ports in Europe. All ferries can be found at this link. The site will automatically offer you the most popular ferry routes, including prices and availability.


Greece has an extensive bus system. The main provider of intercity bus services is KTEL, which operates a nationwide network.

You can easily find bus connections for a given area or island by typing “KTEL and area name” into the search engine.

The main cities on the mainland are also connected by trains, but in general train services in Greece are not as well developed as bus services.

Taxis and carpooling

Taxis are common in Greece and are relatively cheap compared to many other European countries. Ride-sharing services such as Uber also operate in Greece, although availability can vary depending on the city or region.

Things to do in Greece – map

HOW TO USE THIS MAP: Above you will find a detailed map with tips on the things to do in Greece. Click at the top left of the map to see separate layers with highlighted locations. You can hide and show the different layers or click on the icons on the map to see the names of the places I mention in the Greece Travel Guide. If you want to save the map, star it. For a larger version, click on the icon in the upper right corner.

The best booking resources for holidays in Greece

Via Booking.com we search for all accommodation. It is the largest accommodation portal in the world and you will find everything from modern hotels, cosy guesthouses to seaside villas.

Get Your Guide is a huge booking system for buying tickets, guided tours and all sorts of activities. In one place you can read other travellers’ experiences and book tickets to the Vatican Museums, a cruise in Greece or a desert safari in Dubai.

These were our picks for the best things to do and best places to visit in Greece. Do you have a question? We’ll be happy to answer it in the comments below. Have a safe journey!

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SPAIN: Get inspired with tips on best things to do in Spain. From beaches, historic towns to beautiful nature. Mallorca is one of the most beautiful islands in Spain – see photos and tips on things to do in Mallorca.

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