Dubai Travel Guide (2024): How to plan perfect trip to Dubai (+ map)

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Planning a holiday in Dubai? Here’s a Dubai travel guide and our tips for Dubai in the UAE, where you’ll find the answers to the most common questions about travelling to Dubai.

We’ve put together a detailed travel guide to Dubai with practical information – how to dress in Dubai, what’s forbidden, when to visit Dubai, food, prices, safety and other tips.

The travel guide also includes a map of the city so you can easily plan your trip. Here are the best things to do in Dubai.

Dubai travel guide

Dubai Travel Guide

dubai travel guide

How to get to Dubai?

Dubai can be reached by direct flights from Prague in about 6 hours. You can choose from 3 airlines daily – Czech Airlines, Fly Dubai and Emirates.

  • Emirates – Emirates, the UAE’s flag carrier, provides the lowest quality service of any carrier and both hand luggage and checked baggage are included in the basic ticket price.
  • Czech Airlines – Czech Airlines also offers direct flights from Prague to Dubai, Emirates competes with a better price. The basic ticket price includes hand luggage only.
  • Fly Dubai – FlyDubai, as a low-cost carrier, is expanding travel options between Prague and Dubai. The basic ticket price includes a small rucksack/bag and hand luggage.

Here you can find all flights to Dubai.

How to get around Dubai?

Dubai is a large city where the distances between attractions tend to be long, so using public transport is unavoidable. Public transport in Dubai includes:

Metro: The Dubai Metro is a key component of the city’s public transport system, with two main lines – the Red and Green – covering most of the main tourist areas. Metro stations are well signposted and easily accessible. The Red Metro Line also takes you to/from the airport, which is very easily accessible from the city centre.

Buses: The RTA operates an extensive network of bus routes that serve the entire city, including night services. Buses are a convenient and affordable way to explore Dubai. On the other hand, they are significantly slower than the metro.

Trams: Dubai’s tram network serves the area around Dubai Marina and JBR. Trams provide convenient connections to the Metro and the Palm Jumeirah Monorail.

Taxis and ride-sharing apps: Taxi services are affordable in Dubai. In addition to traditional taxis, you can also use apps like Uber or Careem.

☞ Here you will find a detailed description of how to fly to Dubai and how to get from the airport to the center. We’ve compiled practical tips for getting around the city in our Dubai Transport Guide.

monorail dubai

What is the weather like in Dubai?

The weather in Dubai is subtropical with bright blue skies and a warm desert climate. Summers in Dubai from June to August are hot, windy and humid. Average daily temperatures are around 40 °C. You won’t get too cold at night either – temperatures only drop to 30°C.

In winter, from December to March, temperatures are in the comfortable range of 24-26 °C and 16-18 °C at night. If you prefer warm weather around 30°C, head to Dubai in spring (March to May) or autumn (October to November).

Dubai is sunny almost all year round. It rains only 25 days a year, especially in the peak season in winter. Still, you won’t miss your holiday. The rain usually lasts for an hour or two and then the sun comes out again.

best beaches in dubai

When is the best time to visit Dubai?

The best time to visit Dubai is between November and March. During these months, Dubai enjoys pleasant, moderately warm weather with average temperatures around 20-25°C, ideal for sightseeing and visiting the beaches.

In addition, Dubai hosts many cultural and sporting events during the winter months, such as the Dubai Shopping Festival and the Dubai Food Festival.

The worst time to visit Dubai is summer from June to August. The weather is extremely hot and humid, so staying outdoors for longer is almost out of the question. Some attractions are closed or may have reduced opening hours. On the other hand, flights and accommodation are the cheapest during this period.


If you want to enjoy Dubai to the fullest, avoid Ramadan. It takes place at a different time each year (in 2024, Ramadan is between 9 March and 8 April).

During Ramadan, some restaurants may be closed and the rules are stricter than usual. On the other hand, the rules of Ramadan in Dubai are also becoming more relaxed as tourism grows.

In addition, some hotels are organising various events and packages during Ramadan to attract tourists.

What is the typical food in Dubai and where to eat?

If you like good food, you’ll love Dubai. The cuisine here is a mix of traditional and international flavours, Michelin star restaurants and street food. Something from everyone, so everyone can choose what they like.

These are typical dishes to try in Dubai:

  • Shawarma: Thin slices of grilled meat, usually chicken or mutton, served in pita bread with various side dishes and sauces.
  • Hummus: A creamy paste of chickpeas, usually served with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. Ideal as an appetizer or part of a mezze (a selection of small dishes).
  • Tabbouleh: A refreshing salad of bulgur, finely chopped parsley, mint, tomatoes, seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice and salt.
  • Machboos: Spicy and aromatic rice mixtures, cooked with meat and various spices.
  • Camel Burger: For those who like to experiment with food, camel meat burgers are available in Dubai. Camel meat is tasty and less fatty than beef.
  • Dates: Dates are very popular in the Emirates. Served as a snack or in desserts.
  • Arabic coffee and Baklava: Traditional Arabic coffee can be had on almost every corner. It is often served with baklava, a sweet dessert of puff pastry, nuts and honey.
what to eat in Dubai

A popular option is Dubai Brunch, where you pay in advance for a package of unlimited drinks and food for about 3-4 hours. You can choose between packages with alcoholic drinks, soft drinks or food.

Where to go shopping in Dubai?

Dubai is a renowned shopping area. It has the highest spending in the world and is considered the shopping capital of the world. The average daily spend in Dubai is over $500.

There are more than 70 shopping malls here, with The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates among the largest shopping malls in the world. Two shopping festivals are also held here every year:

  • Dubai Shopping Festival, during which the entire emirate of Dubai becomes one big shopping mall. Purchases worth USD 2 billion will be made here. The festival is complemented by music shows and art exhibitions. The Dubai Shopping Festival takes place during January.
  • Dubai Summer Surprises is the summer equivalent of the Dubai Shopping Festival and runs from June to August. It aims to promote Dubai for family holidays.

Shopping mall or shopping opportunities can be found at all major attractions in the city. Here are the most popular shopping malls in Dubai:

  • Dubai Mall at Burj Khalifa
  • Mall of the Emirates with Ski Dubai
  • Mercato Shopping Mall in Jumeirah
  • Nakheel Mall on Palm Jumeirah
  • Dubai Marina Mall in Dubai Marina
  • City Walk in Downtown Dubai
  • City Centre Deira near the airport
  • Ibn Battuta Mall off the main Sheikh Zayed Road
Ibn Battuta Mall

What is forbidden in Dubai?

  • Drugs and medicines: There is zero tolerance for drugs in the UAE. Possession, use or trafficking in drugs is severely punished. Some prescribed medicines and medicines available without a prescription in other countries may be considered illegal or controlled substances in the UAE. You should check beforehand whether your medicines are allowed in the country.
  • Until 2019, e-cigarettes were also banned in the UAE – this is no longer the case.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol consumption is only allowed in licensed establishments such as some hotels and clubs. Public drunkenness and consumption of alcohol outside these licensed premises is illegal.
  • Public affection: Public displays of affection, such as kisses or hugs, are considered inappropriate and may be sanctioned. As a tourist, the authorities are more likely to just warn you and not fine you the first time.
  • Photography: Taking photographs of people without their consent, especially women and government buildings, may be considered illegal.
  • Homosexuality: Homosexual relations are illegal in the UAE.
  • Discriminatory statements: Any statements or conduct that may be considered discriminatory on the basis of race, national origin, religious affiliation or sexual orientation are illegal.

Is alcohol prohibited in Dubai?

The alcohol ban applies to everyone under 21. Alcohol is not available in supermarkets or shops (only beer without alcohol). Drinking in public and drunkenness are prohibited. However, you can drink alcohol in restaurants, hotels or bars. Just count on the fact that alcohol is much more expensive in Dubai than in Europe.

How to dress in Dubai?

When it comes to dress, Dubai is more benevolent than other emirates in the UAE. Many local women are not veiled, as is the case, for example, in Saudi Arabia.

Even so, clothing should not be revealing and show a lot of skin. It is more about respect for the country, its traditions and customs. Culturally, you are expected to dress from shoulder to knee on the street.

In some places they may be stricter and won’t let you in with more revealing clothing. Women can bring a light sweater or scarf and leggings. Plus, most public places in Dubai are air-conditioned, so an extra light layer is always handy.

Swimwear belongs exclusively on the beach or in the water park. Topless sunbathing and overly revealing swimwear are completely inappropriate. In the night bars, clothes are not an issue and you can wear a short dress or shorts.

Mosques are another chapter, where you have to cover your legs and arms and women have to wear a scarf over their hair.

How to protect yourself while travelling: Travel insurance not only covers medical expenses, but also situations such as trip cancellation, loss of luggage or liability insurance, so it takes care of your safety while travelling. Get travel insurance with a 50% discount.

mosque jumeirah dubai

Where to stay in Dubai?

  • Hotel Atana – pleasant 4* hotel at a great price and with good access to the city centre, Dubai Marina and the beach
  • Hotel Rove – stylish hotel at a great price right by the beach and with free transfer to the centre
  • Hotel Leva – modern accommodation in the city centre (including kitchenette) and steps from Burj Khalifa and metro station
  • Royal Central Hotel and Resort The Palm – luxury 5* hotel right on the beach on Palm Jumeirah at an unbeatable price for the location and service
  • Wyndham Dubai Deira – cheap accommodation in a 4* hotel in Deira and just a few steps from the metro
dubaj ubytování
Hotel Atana

Great value for money, quality and availability

dubaj ubytování
Wyndham Dubai Deira

Cheap 4* hotel near the metro

dubaj ubytování v centru
Hotel Leva

Central accommodation near Burj Khalifa and metro station

dubaj ubytování u pláže
Hotel Rove

Great hotel by the beach and with free transfer to the centre

Prices in Dubai

Here are the approximate costs you can expect in Dubai:

  • Street and fast food: Fast food such as sandwiches or kebabs cost around AED 20 to AED 40.
  • Mid-range restaurants: A meal in a decent restaurant will cost around AED 50 to 150 per person.
  • Luxury restaurants: Expect to pay between AED 200 and AED 500 per person in luxury restaurants, especially in touristy areas.
  • Taxi: The basic rate is approximately AED 12, then approximately AED 2-2.5 per kilometre.
  • Bicycle rentals: Daily rental fees range from AED 40 to AED 60.
  • Food: For self-catering, expect to spend around AED 150 to 400 per person per week.
  • Water (1.5 l): 2.40 AED
  • Bread (500 g): 6,17 AED
  • Cheese (1 kg): 40,80 AED
  • Chicken breast (1 kg): 30,92 AED
  • Potatoes (1 kg): 3.63 AED
  • Tomatoes (1 kg): 6,18 AED
  • Bananas (1 kg): 7.04 AED

You do not have to tip, but if you were satisfied with the service, a tip is appreciated. Restaurants give 10-15% of the bill. Taxis are rounded up to the nearest 5 or 10 (depending on the amount). For a bellboy or maid for the night, the tip is AED 5-10.

How to save in Dubai?

Dubai cherishes the label of a luxury and shopping destination. If you want to enjoy it to the full, a holiday here can get quite expensive. Here are a few tips to help you save money, not just on admission:

  • It is generally recommended to buy tickets in advance in Dubai. Not only are they sometimes significantly cheaper, but you don’t have to wait in line for tickets.
  • Tickets to the viewpoint at Burj Khalifa are AED 73 more expensive at sunset between 16:00-18:00. Visit the Burj Khalifa during the day or in the evening when the city lights up beautifully.
  • Thanks combined ticket to the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall Aquarium, you’ll get a major treat.
  • You can also experience beautiful views from Sky Views with a 219.5 metre glass sky walkway, and the ticket is half the price of the Burj Khalifa.
  • Get yourself Dubai Pass or Dubai Explorer Pass which gives you access to more than 45 attractions in the city for one price. More information can be found in separate article.
  • Paying in a traditional abra boat is a great and inexpensive experience that will only cost you about 1 dirham.
  • Dubai’s public beaches are clean with perfectly white sand and crystal clear water. In addition, beaches like Kite and JBR provide great services that make you feel like you’re on a private beach.

Map of Dubai

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This was our Dubai travel guide and useful tips how to plan a perfect trip do Dubai. Do you have a question? We’ll be happy to answer it in the comments below. Have a safe journey!

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